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Empower your investment strategy with Fin+ AI.
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Fin+ is an artificial intelligence (AI) tool designed to enhance investment strategy by offering superior market insights and detailed stock market research.

The platform's utility primarily lies in leveraging natural language processing for comparison of companies, providing unbiased, real-time, and accurate responses based on both quantitative and qualitative data.

Moreover, it also provides precise and up-to-date data, segmenting the information by industry, company, or financial metric to aid in making data-driven decisions efficiently.

An essential feature of Fin+ is its ability to offer insight into earnings transcripts, analyst estimates, and other relevant financial data. The AI model behind Fin+ is continuously learning and improving to ensure the highest accuracy in responses, ensuring that its use goes beyond being a mere chatbot, towards setting new accuracy standards for public stock analysis.

Additionally, Fin+ partners with to chat with private documents, such as PDFs, thereby extending its functionality. Despite currently being accessible only via web browsers on desktop and mobile devices, dedicated mobile apps are in the works for an improved user experience.


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Fin was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 8th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Enhances investment strategy
Provides superior market insights
Detailed stock market research
Leverages natural language processing
Effective company comparison
Real-time responses
Quantitative data analysis
Qualitative data analysis
Precise and up-to-date data
Information segmentation by industry
Information segmentation by company
Information segmentation by financial metric
Data-driven decision making
Offers earnings transcripts insights
Provides analyst estimates
Relevant financial data access
Continual learning and improvement
Higher accuracy standards
Functions beyond standard chatbot
Partnership with
Interaction with private documents
PDFs chat support
Currently accessible via browsers
Future dedicated mobile apps
Tailored insights
Deep financial exploration
Instant financial intelligence
Streamlined workflows
Competitive edge in finance
Precise insights into earnings
Comprehensive stock data


Web-browser only access
No dedicated mobile apps
Limited to US stocks
Limited private document compatibility
No offline functionality
Reliance on partner services
Dark themed interface only


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Can Fin+ chat with private documents such as PDFs?
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Does Fin+ offer insights segmented by industry, company, and financial metric?
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How can I start using Fin+?
How does Fin+ ensure the accuracy of its responses?
How does Fin+ obtain its real-time data?
How can I cancel my subscription to Fin+?
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