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Create personalized obituaries with machine learning.
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Empathy’s Finding Words is an AI-powered obituary maker that makes it easier to create a meaningful tribute to a loved one. The tool guides users through a series of questions about the deceased's family, career and more, before generating a first draft of the obituary.

Once the draft is created, users can revise it to fit their needs before downloading and sharing it with others. In addition to the obituary maker, Empathy provides personalized support for families dealing with loss through technology and real-time human assistance.

The tool is free and secure, with Empathy never sharing or publishing a user’s obituary or personal information. They also provide a privacy policy, terms and conditions, and an FAQ page for additional information.


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Finding Words was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Free tool
Personalized obituaries
Question-guided creation process
Generates initial draft
Allows user revision
Downloadable and shareable result
Personalized loss support
Real-time human assistance
No sharing or publishing of obituary
Secure user data
Transparent privacy policy
Clear terms and conditions
Informative FAQ page
Honours loved ones meaningfully
Creates emotional connection
Efficient obituary creation
Eases creation during grief
Makes tribute creation less daunting
Provides technological and human support
Assures confidentiality and privacy
Enforces rights of users


No offline functionality
Lacks multilingual support
No autosave feature
No template options
Inability to import/export data
No suggestion or auto-complete
No collaborative feature
Lacks version history
Limited to obituaries only
No mobile application


What is Empathy’s Finding Words?
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Does Finding Words publish or share the obituaries it has made?
Does Finding Words handle personal data securely?
Is there any manual assistance available in using Finding Words?
How does Finding Words ensure the privacy of the user?
Can I use Empathy's Finding Words on my mobile?
How detailed are the questions asked by the Finding Words to draft an obituary?
Where can I check the terms and conditions of the Finding Words tool?
What additional support does Empathy provide for families dealing with loss?
Can I download the obituary drafted by Finding Words?
Where can I find the FAQ page for Empathy's Finding Words tool?
Is there any special feature of Empathy's Finding Words that helps it stand out from other obituary makers?
How does Empathy use technology and human assistance to help families dealing with loss?
Is the obituary by Finding Words instantly generated?
Does Empathy’s Finding Words have limitations on the length or amount of content in the obituary?
Can I share my obituary directly from the Finding Words platform to social media?
How can I log in to Empathy's Finding Words?


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