Q&A 20 Feb 2023

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Findwise is an AI tool that functions as a chatbot similar to ChatGPT, specifically designed for businesses to help their employees find information and documents quickly.

The tool can be integrated with a variety of internal tools, including Slack, Notion, Confluence, Microsoft Teams, Google Drive, Microsoft 365, Zendesk, and Salesforce.

Findwise is designed to learn from all of the company's data, allowing it to provide accurate and timely responses to queries. Users can ask the bot questions related to their tasks or search for specific documents or information.

The tool also helps users locate the person responsible for managing specific tasks or areas within the organization using the org chart feature. The bot provides quick and accurate responses, eliminating the need for employees to sift through multiple documents and emails manually.

Findwise helps users save time by reducing the amount of time spent searching for information and documents, giving employees 10x faster access to information, and both provides and improves accuracy by using machine learning.

The tool is designed to enhance the creativity of users and provides seamless integration with existing tools. The company advertises that the tool can help improve a company's overall productivity, speed up processes, and enhance communication within an organization.


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