Video editing 17 Jun 2022
Simplifies video production and enhances quality.

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FineShare FineCam is an AI virtual camera specially designed for video recording and video conferencing. No matter where you are, FineShare FineCam can help you quickly create high-definition videos and provide highly engaging video conferences.

FineShare FineCam also offers real-time AI background removal, AI audio enhancer, video enhancement, and smart portrait mode to make your video look better.
Besides, FineShare FineCam allows you to use your phone as a high-definition webcam and supports connecting and enhancing other cameras, including digital cameras, DSLR cameras, action cameras, external webcams, or integrated webcams. It lets you share your iPhone screen, application windows, YouTube videos, webpages, PowerPoint slides, videos, and photos in real time and enables you to communicate your ideas to others effectively and make your video look more professional.

FineShare collaborates with Unsplash to provide millions of stunning backgrounds and offers different free themes. You can start your video calls, online courses, product demos, and tutorial recordings in seconds.

With FineShare FineCam, you can capture everything and record all the highlights without lag. The segment recording and project saving features enable you to record video in smaller segments, breaking free from the constraints of lengthy, uninterrupted video recordings.

Furthermore, it's compatible with all your favorite video calling, video editing, and streaming applications, such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams, Twitch, OBS, Adobe Premiere Pro, YouTube, etc.

By using FineShare FineCam AI virtual camera, you can say goodbye to low-quality video and embrace a seamless, professional video experience.
FineCam was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 18th 2023.
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· May 12, 2023
I've been using FineCamAI for a while now and I have to say, it's one of the best virtual camera tools out there. The AI-powered background blur is incredibly impressive and really helps make my video calls look more professional.

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Pros and Cons


Turns iPhone into 4K webcam
Removes webcam background
Adds webcam effects and color
Features multi-scenes
Can overlay brand logo
Works with favorite video apps
Captures shot from multiple angles
Can switch lenses seamlessly
Can change video resolution
Offers auto focus
Advanced adjustment features
Webcam effects for cinematic look
PowerPoint slides as virtual background
YouTube videos as virtual background
Web pages as virtual background
Works with Unsplash for backgrounds
Offers pre-made branding templates
Performs real-time video processing
Leverages deep learning
Background subtraction algorithms
Low light video booster
Applies Gaussian blur
Turns iPad into webcam
Turns Android devices into webcam
Turns GoPro into webcam
Unlimited number of cameras
Professional multi-shot video creation
60+ webcam effects
Logo transparency adjustment
Logo layout and theme color change
Low light performance improvement
Automatic frame primary subjects
No need for Green screen
Works on Windows
Works on Mac
Works on Android
Works on iOS
Does not require an LED video light
Can blur webcam background in real-time
Recognizes and tracks movements automatically
Helps protect your privacy
No design skills required for branding
Can enter brand or company's name
Can make videos look more fun
Adjusts brightness & color
Can access millions of Unsplash backgrounds
Can set Youtube video as virtual background


Only works with iPhones
No API mentioned
Requires Unsplash for backgrounds
No Android/DLSR/webcam enhancements
No offline usage mentioned
Relies on brand templates
Limited adjustment features
No security features mentioned
No data export/import options


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What is unique about FineCam's collaboration with Unsplash?
Can I remove webcam background using FineCam?
How does FineCam provide advanced adjustment and webcam effects?
How does FineCam enhance video quality?
Does FineCam offer branding templates?
How does FineCam assist in real-time video processing?
Can I apply Gaussian blur using FineCam?
How does FineCam protect my privacy?
Does FineCam work on both Windows and MacOS?
How does auto framing in FineCam work?
Does FineCam help with low light video performance?
What was FineCam originally named?

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