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FineVoice is a versatile AI voice studio, providing personalized custom voice and professional-grade video voiceover service.It offers 3 different creation modes, 1000+ AI voices across 149+ languages, a series of powerful audio-related tools, and allows you to design your own voice brand. This voice studio tool can be perfectly integrated into your workflow while making the whole creation process smoother.

FineVoice helps you create ideal voiceovers for AI video projects with the three creation modes designed to fit various needs. These creation modes are meant to help you get the best efficiency while creating AI voiceovers for videos.

For creators who prefer to make the creation more unique, FineVoice offers 1000+ built-in AI voices across 149+ languages and 30+ style variants. The huge voice library contains voices of different genders, ages, and styles. You have tons of choices to infuse vibrant voice memes like the voices of SpongeBob or Darth Vader into your voiceovers, and make your content go viral with ease.

Furthermore, FineVoice also focuses on helping you build up your personal brand, making your brand name stand out from the crowd. You can easily create by customizing AI voice or cloning your own voice. Plus the help of rich language support, you will have the chance to reach a larger audience around the world, and let more viewers know you through the unique voice brand.

Lastly, FineVoice takes other stages of a creation project into consider, and provides you with a set of powerful tools. AI voice changer to help you modify any audio file, Transcriber to quickly generate subtitles, and so on, you save lots of time and energy while proceeding the workflow in one place. As an online tool, all the FineVoice tools and features above are available on the web browser, have a try for free now!

Key Features:
1. Exclusive AI Voiceover Modes: There are three voiceover modes to enhance your creation experience. Whether you want to make videos involving multiple speakers or short meme videos, there's always a mod to satisfy your needs. Ignite your video creativity with the best AI voiceovers has never been easier.

2. Personalized Voice Design: No requirement for any professional knowledge, it only takes a few seconds for you to create unique and humorous AI voices or make adjustments to existing voices. Everything is under your control. Anyone can get to design and craft the ideal AI voice for the next content creation project with their own hands.

3. Huge Voice Library: 1000+ AI voices of various traits, 149+ language options plus 30+ style variants available. With the huge resource library of both AI voices and languages, you will be able to easily expand your brand name and gain more viewers on the globe.

4. Fast AI Voice Generation: Generate AI voices fast while ensuring output quality is natural and realistic, which could save you lots of time and energy in the workflow.

5. Stylish AI Voice Changer: The AI voice changer excels at altering voices in any audio file and applying any voice style you like to the original voice. Whether you want a funny style or more emotional depth in your voice, you can make all kinds of variants of your voice and unleash its potential effortlessly.

6. Percise AI Voice Cloning: Create a unique and top-quality AI clone of your own voice, all the nuances in your voice will be perfectly preserved. Apply the voice clone to your content and make your personal voice brand more personalized and recognizable.
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Jun 25, 2024
FineVoice is an exceptional voice-over software that stands out due to its high degree of personalized audio customization and design capabilities. Unlike other voice-over software, FineVoice allows users to create completely unique voices and add various effects, making the voice-overs more vivid and engaging. Additionally, FineVoice boasts a vast community library where users can search for and utilize ideal voice samples. These features make FineVoice a powerful tool for attracting more fans and attention. Whether for video production, podcasts, game voice-overs, or other creative projects, FineVoice provides a professional and unique audio experience.

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Pros and Cons


Real-time voice changer
Multitrack recording
60+ audio/voice effects
Built-in sound effects
Text to speech capabilities
Speech to text capabilities
ASR deep learning model
Supports multiple languages
Voice & audio effects
Offers voice enhancer
Noise reduction feature
Low Pass, High Pass effects
Automatic save function
Audio transcription feature
Bridge recording feature
Mix recording feature
Auto-save recording projects
Audio extractor from video
220+ built-in voices
40 languages for text-to-speech
Keybinds for effects
Hundreds sound effects available
Import own MP3/WAV clips
Creates favorite soundboards
Real-time audio engine
Leverages deep learning technology
Provides priority support
Ideal for online meetings
Helpful in lectures
Great for live stream
Useful in podcast creation
Beneficial for video production
Adds fun to games
Enhances chats with effects
Allows voice disguise for anonymity
Connects to various streaming apps
Helps in audio content creation
Provides high-quality recording
Easy voice adjustments
Allows voice customization
Can record audio at 48 kHz
User-friendly interface
Doesn’t consume too much CPU
Can transform voice in real time
Ideal for gamers and content creators
Ever-growing exclusive content
Supports one-click voice processing tasks
30+ voice effects libraries


Lacks mobile compatibility
No operation on Mac
Limited voice effect library
No evident collaboration function
Single license restriction
Limited on advanced audio effects
No automation features
Lack of voice anonymity in gaming
No built-in cloud storage
Limited resources for setup


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