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Try clothes virtually with Fitting Room app.
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Fitting Room: Virtual Try On is an innovative tool designed to enhance the online shopping experience by bringing the fitting room experience to the user's smartphone.

The primary function of the application is to allow users to virtually try on clothes, greatly assisting in online purchasing decisions. It employs advanced Artificial Intelligence technology to provide this service.

Besides, the application facilitates experimentation with new styles in a fun and effortless manner. Features include Virtual Try-Ons, enabled by Augmented Reality technologies that allow users to visualize clothing items on themselves without the need for physical presence in-store.

Another thing to take note of is its Outfit Planner, where users can combine items from a digitized version of their closet to create and save outfit combinations.

Designed for both dedicated fashion enthusiasts and casual shoppers, this tool strives to revolutionize the way users approach fashion and clothes shopping.

A feature requiring payment offers unlimited access to outfit try-ons, enhancing user experience for consistent use of the application.


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Pros and Cons


Virtual Try-Ons feature
Outfit Planner to combine clothes
Designed for all shoppers
Paid feature for unlimited try-ons
Augmented Reality technologies
Experimental style assistance
Smartphone app
Enhances online purchasing decisions
Compatible with iOS
Compatible with iPadOS
Size of only 43.7 MB
Supports English Language
Free basic version
In-app purchases for enhanced features
Clothing visualization without physical presence
Fun and fresh take on fashion
Meeting point of fashion and tech
Join the Fashion Revolution slogan
User-friendly interface
Specifically designed for Apple devices
Easy management and quick access
No data collected for privacy
Accessible to both enthusiasts and casual shoppers
Free tokens for new users
Secure payment subscription service
Easy download and installation
Fashion adventure right on your phone
Seller: YMDevs, LLC
Support available
Category: Lifestyle
Affordable pricing
Daily outfit recommendations
Infinite style possibilities
iOS 13.0 or later
iPadOS 13.0 or later
Creates and saves favorite looks
Endless style experimentation
Revolutionizes approach to fashion
Requires visionOS 1.0 or later
Hassle-free shopping experience


Requires iOS 13.0 or later
Requires macOS 11.0 for Mac
Requires Apple M1 chip
Paid subscription for unlimited try-ons
Limited initial free tokens
Requires visionOS 1.0
Only available in English
43.7 MB app size
Not compatible with older devices
No data collection could limit personalisation


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