Workflow automation 2024-05-24
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Fleso is an AI-generated workflow automation tool with HIPPA Compliance, designed to significantly reduce manual administrative tasks and streamline processes.

The tool aims to save time, reduce the occurrence of human errors and provides intuitive adaptation to individual needs. It can effectively automate various tasks, including transfer of emails, categorization of information, sending reminders or even managing employee follow-ups and recruitment processes.

Fleso is particularly useful to administrative agents, human resource professionals, and healthcare practitioners among other users. The platform adopts a no-code approach, enabling non-technical users to easily create workflows.

Users simply describe their intended automation process to Fleso, and the AI creates a tailored workflow. The tool provides a comprehensive tracking mechanism, allowing users to activate, deactivate or modify workflows easily while monitoring their effectiveness and spend.

Notably, Fleso integrates with a wide array of everyday applications including Chat GPT, Outlook, Gmail, Google Drive, and more.

Fleso was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 12th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


HIPPA Compliance
Reduces administrative tasks
Streamlines processes
Time saving
Reduces human errors
Adaptive to individual needs
Email transfer automation
Information categorization
Reminder system installation
Manages employee follow-ups
Facilitates recruitment processes
No-code approach
Easy workflow creation
User-guided automation process
Tailored workflow generation
Comprehensive tracking mechanism
Easy workflow modification
Effectiveness and spend monitoring
Integration with Chat GPT
Integration with Outlook
Integration with Gmail
Integration with Google Drive
Designed for non-technical users
Beneficial for administrative agents
Userful for HR professionals
Optimized for healthcare practitioners
Activation and deactivation of workflows
Spending tracking
Workflow performance notifications
Integration with One Drive
Integration with Google Sheets
Integration with Teams
Interactive user interface
Workflow preview and replication


No multilingual support
No mobile application
Limited integration options
Not fully transparent pricing
No offline usage
No specific industry customizations
Lacks version control ability
Requires constant internet connection
May oversimplify complex tasks
No direct tech support mentioned


What is Fleso and how does it work?
How can Fleso help me save time and reduce administrative tasks?
Can Fleso adapt to my individual needs for workflow automation?
I'm not a technical person, can I use Fleso to create workflows?
What tasks can Fleso automate?
Is Fleso HIPPA Compliant?
Can Fleso help me with transferring my emails automatically?
What options does Fleso offer for tracking my workflow's progress?
How can Fleso integrate with my everyday applications like Gmail, Outlook and Google Drive?
Is there a limit to the type or number of tasks that Fleso can automate?
Can I deactivate or modify workflows in Fleso after they've been created?
Who would benefit most from using Fleso?
Can Fleso be used to automate recruitment processes or other HR tasks?
How does Fleso's no-code approach work?
Did Fleso can categorize and manage the information in an effective way?
Can Fleso help me reduce human errors in managing tasks?
How do I tell Fleso about the process I want to automate?
Is there an option in Fleso to track the efficiency and spend on my workflows?
Is Fleso capable of sending automated reminders?
How does Fleso interact with Chat GPT?

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