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Categorizes requirements, generates project artifacts.
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The AI Assistant is a tool designed to help reduce the time spent by business analysts on processing requirements and generating artifacts. It does this by extracting information from natural language and structured it into categories, building project metadata, generating diagrams and prototypes, and analysing statements and requirements for completeness.

It can also help in the preparation of project documentation by automating the formation of standard texts and creating an MVP for a proposed solution.The AI Assistant is currently a plugin for Google Chrome, which allows users to analyse text by copying it into the plugin window or inserting it directly.

After processing, a class diagram with relations and a database are generated. Additionally, a request and agreement form can be submitted to process personal data.The AI Assistant is being developed by the Flexberry Platform and is expected to be released in 2022.

It is designed to provide assistance to business analysts, reducing the time spent on routine tasks and allowing them to focus on more complex tasks.


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Pros and Cons


Reduces time for processing requirements
Generates project artifacts
Extracts information from natural language
Structures data into categories
Builds project metadata
Generates project diagrams
Generates prototypes
Analyzes requirements for completeness
Automates standard text formation
Assists in project documentation preparation
Facilitates MVP creation
Chrome plugin
Analyzes copied or inserted text
Generates class diagram with relations
Generates a database
Handle personal data requests and agreement forms
Request for direct text analysis
Efficient parsing of text
Generates UML Class Diagram
Generates SQL for database
Builds a convenient set of entities
Not a complete human replacement


Chrome plugin only
Text input required
No in-app analysis
Potential data privacy concerns
Unspecified output types
Limited to business analysis
Not yet released
No standalone application
Doesn't fully replace humans
Limited entity expansion


What is the Flexberry AI Assistant?
How does the Flexberry AI Assistant reduce time spent by business analysts?
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How is the Flexberry AI Assistant helpful in generating project documentation?
Which browser supports the Flexberry AI Assistant plugin?
How does the Flexberry AI Assistant analyze text?
What is generated after Flexberry AI Assistant processes the text?
Who is developing the Flexberry AI Assistant?
When is the Flexberry AI Assistant expected to be released?
How does Flexberry AI Assistant help business analysts focus on more complex tasks?
Does Flexberry AI Assistant replace human analysts?
Can Flexberry AI Assistant automate the formation of standard texts?
How does Flexberry AI Assistant assist in creating an MVP for a proposed solution?
What is generated when the AI assistant parses a text?
How can the information that has been analyzed by the AI assistant be processed further?
Is it possible to insert text directly into the Flexberry AI Assistant plugin?
Are there any data privacy considerations with Flexberry AI Assistant?
What functionalities does the Flexberry AI Assistant offer in creating database diagrams?
Can Flexberry AI Assistant analyze statements and requirements for completeness?
What benefits does the Flexberry AI Assistant offer for daily routine work of analysts?

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