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Unlimited GPT-4, internet access, no subscription.
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FlexGPT is an AI tool that integrates the latest advancements in generative pre-training transformers (GPT). Primarily, it is engineered to bear in mind and utilize long-term memory, facilitating a more profound understanding of complex inputs, thereby improving the contextuality of the outputs.

The 'Unlimited GPT-4' feature denotes the tool's capacity to deploy the GPT-4 version which signifies high-level AI language processing amongst its contemporaries.

Internet access incorporated in the tool suggests that it can tap into a vast array of online information, possibly enhancing its understanding and generation of various content types.

Lastly, it minimizes the barrier to access as there is no subscription required to utilize its services, which aligns with the tool's aim to be inclusive.

Users are allowed to sign up for free. However, the cost structure beyond the free offering is not obvious from the provided text. FlexGPT might be suitable for a versatile range of applications from drafting content to automating responses, but the specific use-case scenarios, unique value propositions, or the extent of tool's capability in handling complex tasks are not clear from the available information.


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May 23, 2024
it was good before it got deleted
Aug 1, 2023
Fake it is not using GPT-4, to proove it ask it by yourself: '' Which GPT do you use ? ''.

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Pros and Cons


Long-term memory
Unlimited access to GPT-4
No subscription needed
Free signup
Wide range of capabilities
Ability to create chatbots
Advanced algorithms available
Supports natural language processing
Customizable features
Boosts productivity
Improves workflow efficiency
Advanced features available
Clear terms of service
Privacy policy available


Requires internet access
Limited to GPT-4
Requires sign-up process
No offline mode
Privacy policy terms
Unspecified customization limits
No indication of updates
Possible data usage issues
Long-term memory unclear
No subscription may limit support


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