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Tailored K-12 classroom materials generated.
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Flint is an AI-powered tool designed to assist K-12 teachers in creating classroom activities, worksheets, quizzes, and handouts quickly and easily. With Flint, educators can generate these materials in a matter of seconds, saving valuable time.

The tool offers the ability to differentiate content, allowing teachers to adjust the reading level to suit the needs of their students. It also enables alignment to educational standards such as the Common Core or NGSS.Flint provides a user-friendly interface that allows teachers to select standards, create customized activities, and save hours of manual work.

Its AI features serve as a teaching assistant, supporting teachers by automating the creation process. The tool comes with various pricing options, including a free plan with limitations, an individual teacher plan for unlimited creations, and a department license for up to ten teachers.The emphasis of Flint lies in its ability to simplify the creation of educational materials, making it particularly useful for K-12 educators.

By leveraging AI, teachers can enhance their classroom instruction, tailoring activities to meet the diverse needs of their students. With its intuitive interface and alignment to educational standards, Flint offers an efficient solution to enhance teaching and learning.


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Pros and Cons


Generates classroom materials quickly
Differentiates content
Adjusts reading levels
Aligns to educational standards
Common Core and NGSS standards support
User-friendly interface
Customizable activities
Saves hours of manual work
Teaching assistance feature
Various pricing options
Includes free plan
Individual teacher plan available
Department license for multiple users
Enhances classroom instruction
Diverse needs accommodation
24/7 customer support
Unlimited creation on paid plans
On-call, text, email support
Automated content creation


Limited to K-12 materials
No mobile application
Limited free plan
Possibly expensive for individuals
No collaboration feature
Limited to Common Core, NGSS
Doesn't support additional educational standards
Doesn't specify supported languages
Suitability uncertainty for diverse classrooms
No indication of adaptability over time


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