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FlowGPT is an AI tool that provides a visual interface for ChatGPT, a chatbot tool on a canvas board. FlowGPT improves conversation structure and clarity by allowing for multi-threaded visual conversations.

The tool offers various nodes to manage conversations with ease, allowing users to keep an eye on the big picture, share ideas, get feedback, and improve their work.

In addition, FlowGPT provides instant access to documents without delays or fuss. Users can conduct research on any topic with the power of ChatGPT. The tool showcases various examples such as copywriting tips, marketing, non-fiction writing, and healthy meal planning.

Its parallelism feature repeats a grammatical form to give lines rhythm, while its antithesis feature places two opposite words side-by-side to emphasize opposites.

Its epistrophe feature repeats at the end of successive clauses to add a little chime.FlowGPT operates on a pay-as-you-grow model, which means there are no monthly subscriptions.

Instead, users pay only for the AI words they use. The platform uses OpenAI ChatGPT API under the hood to count the number of AI words used, which includes both input and output text.

Overall, FlowGPT is a powerful tool for visualizing and structuring AI conversations with the flexibility to cater to individual needs.


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Pros and Cons


Visual interface for ChatGPT
Multi-threaded visual conversations
Efficient conversation management
Big picture overview
Easily share ideas
Feedback for improvement
Instant document access
No process delay
Conducts direct research
Showcases functional examples
Literary device utilization
Pay-as-you-grow model
Avoids monthly subscriptions
Costs based on usage
Adaptable to individual needs
Caters to various professions
Improves work efficiency
Enhances creativity
Interaction clarity
Easy node management
Consumption transparency
Flexible payment
Example driven approach


No free unlimited version
Limited document storage on Free version
No monthly subscriptions might limit access
No explicit collaborative features
Lack of transparent pricing structure


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What does a 'pay-as-you-grow' model mean in the context of FlowGPT?
How are AI words counted in FlowGPT?
Does the count of AI words include both input and output text?
How much do I need to pay for using FlowGPT?
Do I need to subscribe monthly to use FlowGPT?
Are there any free trials or demo versions for FlowGPT?
How does FlowGPT assist with non-fiction writing?
Can FlowGPT provide me with some copywriting tips?
In which ways does FlowGPT showcase healthy meal planning?
Can you give examples of how the FlowGPT's Antithesis feature works?
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