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Automation and optimization of Google Sheets.
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Flowshot is an all-in-one AI toolkit designed to help users automate their Google Sheets workflow. It offers a range of features, including Autocomplete, AI-powered formulas, and image generation.

Autocomplete allows users to complete a range of cells with examples, while AI formulas enable users to quickly generate the right formula for their needs.

AI-generated images enable users to create highly detailed images based on instructions. The Flowshot Pro plan offers 1 million characters per month, unlimited use of all formulas, and priority support.

The free plan offers 100,000 characters per month and can be upgraded with a 2-month free trial for the yearly plan.

Flowshot was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Autocompletes for ranges of cells
Multiple plans to choose from
Free plan option
Up to 1 million characters per month
Unlimited use of formulas
Priority support in Pro plan
Free 2-month trial for yearly plan
Rated 5 stars by users
Automates repetitive tasks
Handles various task types
Works in Google Sheets
Sidebar for easy access
Structured data output
User-friendly interface
Good interoperability with Google Sheets
Facilitates Inference from data
Generates sales copy
Diverse formula generation
Ease of image generation
Adaptable to user's voice
Comprehensive API documentation
In-App Live Chat Support
Comes with data onboarding
Ability to influence feature roadmap
Creates complex, detailed images
Allows formula combination
Produce results from complex queries
Works with absolute references
Works with named ranges
Allows for bulk and team-based plans
Integrates with Google Workspace
Optimized for speed and performance
Offers user control and customisation
Consolidates multiple Google Sheets plugins
Frequent functional updates
Pulls information from the web
Allows feature customization
Supports large data sets
Contextual data understanding
Team collaboration enabled
Efficient data processing
High precision in data prediction
Advanced data structuring capability


Limited to Google Sheets
Limited free plan usage
Variable pricing
Learning curve for commands
Dependency on internet connection
No offline mode
Advanced features paid-only
Closed source
Limited customizability


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What's included in the free plan of Flowshot?
What's unique about Flowshot?
What makes Flowshot different from other Google Sheets add-ons?
Can I use Flowshot anywhere in Google Sheets?
How can Flowshot help to optimize my Google Sheets workflow?
How does Flowshot generate formulas?
What AI models does Flowshot use?
How do I install Flowshot?
Does Flowshot offer support?
What do the users say about Flowshot?
How many characters per month does Flowshot offer?
Can I use Flowshot for enterprise needs?

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