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Web browsing for language learning.
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Fluent is a browser extension that allows users to learn a new language while browsing the web. With this tool, users can turn their browser into a language tutor and effortlessly learn without actively trying.

The tool offers AI pronunciation lessons to improve pronunciation and boost confidence in speaking. Additionally, it helps users learn vocabulary from any content they read online, eliminating the need to find dedicated time for language study.

Fluent supports multiple languages including French, Spanish, Italian, English, Portuguese, and German. Users can read, write, and listen to content in their target language, providing a comprehensive learning experience.

The tool also introduces streaks and leaderboards, allowing learners to track their progress and motivate themselves with a competitive spirit. Users have expressed their satisfaction with Fluent, highlighting its unobtrusive and helpful nature.

They appreciate the tool's ability to seamlessly integrate into their browsing experience and provide language learning opportunities without feeling like a chore.

Many also enjoy the randomness of learning new words within their regular online activities.Overall, Fluent offers a user-friendly and effective approach to language learning, making it ideal for individuals who want to learn a new language but struggle to find dedicated time for study or prefer a more effortless approach to learning.


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Pros and Cons


Browser extension
Effortless learning
Multiple language support
Learning from any content
Streaks and leaderboards
Provides comprehensive learning
Unobtrusive language learning
Learn during regular online activity
Random word exposure
User-friendly interface
Flexible study schedule
No need to find time
Competitive progress tracking
Efficient vocabulary learning
Improves speaking confidence
Seamless browsing integration
Appealing to lazy learners
Boosts language retention
Keeps language skills sharp
Motivates consistent language practise
Natural reading environment
Focus on utility words
No 'crunching' flashcards
Flexible subscription options
Positive user reviews
Augments other language apps
Customizes learning to interests
Simplified language learning workflow
Easy to install and use


Only supports six languages
Limited to web browsing
No Mobile application
No translators' assistance
No human interaction
Limited to certain browsers
Relies on internet connectivity
Unfamiliar context for words
Doesn't offer conversation practice
May impact browsing experience

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