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Hyper-realistic text-to-audio in diverse applications.
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Fluxon is an AI tool that specializes in hyper-realistic voice generation. It allows users to transform text into audio with lifelike voices in any language.

The tool offers a voice cloning feature that can replicate any voice using less than 10 minutes of example audio. Users can also create conversations in the same audio file, utilizing multiple voices.Fluxon provides various functionalities, including voice synthesis for both individual voices and conversations, the ability to list all available voices, and the option to create lip-sync videos.

It offers a REST API, allowing developers to integrate AI speech generation into their applications.The tool has a wide range of use cases. It can generate professional and realistic voiceovers for marketing and demo videos, produce clear and high-quality audiobooks with different voices for each character, create humanlike voices for non-player characters (NPCs) in gaming, facilitate professional translation and dubbing in any language, enable more natural-sounding voices for chatbots, and automatically convert text content into podcasts.Fluxon aims to deliver humanlike voices quickly and easily, providing an intuitive user experience.

The pricing details and information about whether there is a free tier are not disclosed in the provided text. Additionally, the text does not mention specific details about the time required for voice cloning.

Fluxon was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on September 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Hyper-realistic voice generation
Voice cloning feature
Less than 10 minutes cloning
Generates conversations with multiple voices
Provides voice synthesis
Listing of all available voices
Creates lip-sync videos
Wide range of use cases
Professional voiceovers for marketing
High-quality audiobook production
Voices for NPCs in gaming
Professional translation and dubbing
Natural-sounding voices for chatbots
Text-to-podcast conversion
Intuitive user experience


Pricing details undisclosed
Time to clone unspecified
No free tier mentioned
Voice listing unclear
No mention of updates
Details on lip-sync creation unclear


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