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Folderr is an innovative AI platform that empowers users to create, customize, and deploy AI assistants and automations with ease. Whether you're a business professional, developer, or AI enthusiast, Folderr provides the tools to harness the power of artificial intelligence without extensive coding knowledge.

Key Features:

1. Personalized AI Assistants: Upload your own data and train AI models tailored to your specific needs and knowledge base.

2. No-Code Automation: Build sophisticated AI-powered workflows through a simple drag-and-drop interface.

3. Multi-Model Support: Access a variety of leading language models, including GPT-4 and Claude 3.5 Sonnet.

4. Data Privacy: Ensure your sensitive information stays secure with private hosting options and ISO27001/SOC2 compliant LLMs.

5. Seamless Integrations: Connect your AI assistants with hundreds of popular applications and tools.

Why Try Folderr:

1. Accessibility: Create powerful AI solutions without extensive technical expertise.

2. Customization: Tailor AI assistants to your unique data and business requirements.

3. Efficiency: Automate complex tasks and streamline workflows to boost productivity.

4. Flexibility: Adapt to the evolving AI landscape with support for multiple language models.

5. Cost-Effective: Utilize AI capabilities without significant infrastructure investments.

6. Scalability: Easily deploy and manage AI assistants across your organization.

7. Continuous Innovation: Stay ahead with regular updates and new features.

Experience the future of AI-powered productivity with Folderr. Sign up for a free trial today and discover how easy it can be to create your own AI assistant or automate your workflows. Simplify your AI journey and unlock new possibilities for your business or personal projects with Folderr.
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Pros and Cons


Advanced Language Models
Retrieval-Augmented Generation technology
Workflow automation
User-friendly interface
Drag, drop, config actions
Tool integration
Private hosting
Private LLMs
ISO27001/SOC2 compliant
WordPress embedding
Webflow embedding
Custom domain embedding
Supports multiple document types
Extracts financial insights
LLM-agnostic workflow automations
Secure data management
Integrates hundreds of applications
Handles complex tasks


Limited document types support
No multi-language support
Specific workflow automation setup
Dependent on third-party applications
Chatbot feature not immediate
Pricing structure unclear
Limited storage availability


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How does Folderr make use of Language Models?
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How can I create an AI assistant using Folderr?
Which other tools can Folderr integrate with?
Is my data secure with Folderr?
What does it mean that Folderr is ISO27001/SOC2 compliant?
How can I use Folderr for AI-chatbot development?
Can I embed Folderr's chatbots on my WordPress or Webflow site?
What's included in Folderr's private hosting?
What's the use of private LLMs in Folderr?
How can I prevent unintentional data training using Folderr?
Are Folderr’s chatbot features included in the base package or do they cost extra?
Can Folderr's AI assistants handle CSV and XLSX files?
How does Folderr enable LLM-agnostic workflow automations?
How does Folderr ensure excellent accuracy and reliability in AI assistants?
What are the pricing plans for Folderr?
How can I reach out to Folderr's support?

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