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Automated CRM with contact sync and personalization.
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folk is an intelligent CRM (Customer Relationship Management) tool that prioritizes the user's needs. It is lightweight, customizable, and powered by AI.

The tool offers a range of features that automate manual tasks, allowing users to focus on building stronger relationships. It provides real-time synchronization of contacts from multiple sources, eliminating the need for manual imports.

The folk browser extension makes it easy to import contact data from anywhere, further streamlining the process. Additionally, folk offers auto-categorization, auto-deduplication, and contacts enrichment functionalities.

With folk, users can leverage AI to know exactly when and how to reach out to contacts, and track the results of their efforts. The tool allows for personalized touchpoints through AI-based text generation, providing customized icebreakers for more effective communication.

Users can also access a full context of interactions, including Gmail, Google Calendar, Outlook, and LinkedIn, all synchronized within the folk app. folk offers comprehensive campaign analytics for mail merge, allowing users to track and monitor their results.

Collaboration and sharing features enable teams to work together seamlessly, with control and access level settings. Real-time collaboration on tables and pipeline management streamline teamwork and enhance productivity.

The tool has received positive reviews from users, highlighting its ease of use and powerful functionality. It is trusted by over 100 next-gen companies, with high ratings on the Chrome store and Product Hunt.

Google has audited folk for security, ensuring a reliable and safe user experience. With its focus on user-centered design, automation, and AI-powered features, folk offers a versatile and efficient CRM solution for various industries and use cases.

Folk App was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on July 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Lightweight CRM
User customization available
Task automation features
Real-time contact synchronization
Browser extension for import
Auto-categorization of contacts
Auto-deduplication feature
Contacts enrichment functionalities
Personalized communication touchpoints
Context of interactions view
Mail merge campaign analytics
Collaboration features
Real-time sharing and collaboration
Pipeline management function
Control and access settings
Desktop app version
Bulk email function
Integration capacity with contact sources
Google's security audit
Trusted by next-gen companies
High ratings on Chrome store
High ratings on Product Hunt
Sales CRM capability
Fundraising management feature
Partnership management function
Deal flow management tool
Community engagement function
PR management feature
CRM for various industries
User-centered design
Interactions sync (Gmail, Google Calendar, etc.)
Real-time table collaboration
Auto-sync contacts from sources
Smart reach-out strategies
Contextual view of interactions
Monitor and track results
Team-centered productivity tools


No mobile app
Limited integration options
Lacks advanced analytics
Limited customization options
No voice command functionality
No offline mode
No self-hosted option
No free version available
No multi-language support
Limited scale for enterprise-level operations


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What are the reviews on folk's use and functionality?
How secure is folk?
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What are some use-cases where folk can be applied?
Can I customize the folk app according to my needs?
Is folk a lightweight CRM?
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