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Web meal planner for managing high blood pressure.
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Food for Blood Pressure is a web-based tool that offers personalized meal plans and recommendations for people looking to manage their high blood pressure.

Users give consent for the tool to collect personal and health-related data, including age, weight, medication usage, chronic illnesses, dietary habits, and email address.

The tool assesses the user's current eating habits concerning blood pressure and offers recommendations for improvement. The collected data is only processed during the active session while using the services, and appropriate technical and organizational measures are implemented to ensure data security.

Users have the right to access, modify, or delete their personal data during the active session, and withdraw their consent at any time by closing the active session.

The tool does not store or save any information, ensuring users' privacy and confidentiality. Users provide information about their age, gender, weight, physical activity level, blood pressure, medication usage, diet, snacking and beverage habits, and salt intake through a series of questions.

The tool then provides a personalized assessment of the user's eating habits based on the information provided. Overall, Food for Blood Pressure aims to assist users in achieving a healthier lifestyle by providing personalized meal plans and recommendations, with a focus on managing high blood pressure.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized meal plans
Assess eating habits
Data processed only in-session
High data security
User immediately modify/delete data
Non-retained user data
Advice on managing high blood pressure
Collects variety of health data
Tailored to specific dietary habits
Adjusts for medication usage
Informs on salt intake
Adaptable to physical activity levels
Sensitive to chronic illnesses
Email feature for meal plans
Compliance with GDPR
Compliance with HIPAA
Efficient data collection
User-friendly interface
Direct assessment based on user input
Snacks and beverages considered
Instant personalized assessment
Withdraw consent feature
Evaluates current diet
Promotes healthier lifestyle
Complies with Danish health regulations
Ownership by credible Health Tech Company


No data retention
Potential privacy concerns
Only web-based
No application support
Time-consuming questionnaire process
Javascript required
Individual session-based use
No option for data backup
Limited support for dietary restrictions
No real-time monitoring feature


How does Foodforbp help me manage my high blood pressure through diet?
What kind of personal and health-related information does Foodforbp collect?
How does Foodforbp ensure my data security?
Since my data is processed only during an active session, does Foodforbp store any of my information?
What can I do if I want to modify or delete my personal data while using Foodforbp?
How can I withdraw my consent for Foodforbp to collect and process my data?
Can the dietary recommendations from Foodforbp help manage chronic illnesses other than high blood pressure?
What happens when I enter information about my medication usage, diet, and salt intake into the Foodforbp tool?
How personalized are the meal plans offered by Foodforbp?
Can Foodforbp send the meal plans to my email?
Can Foodforbp give me an assessment of my current eating habits?
How does Foodforbp assess my eating habits?
Do I need to enable JavaScript to run Foodforbp?
Does using Foodforbp require me to agree to a consent form?
Can I withdraw my consent in the middle of an active session and what happens when I do?
Does Foodforbp comply with health data regulations like the GDPR and HIPAA?
How does Foodforbp use the information about my weight and physical activity level?
Can Foodforbp assist me in improving my blood pressure and diabetes management?
What type of dietary habits and preferences does Foodforbp take into account?
How often would I need to provide my health-related data to Foodforbp?

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