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Turning your creative ideas into breathtaking images.
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Fooocus is an AI-powered tool meant to transform creative ideas into realistic images. At its core, it moulds reality and imagination together through its advanced image generation and editing capabilities.

As a leader in AI-driven image generation, Fooocus introduces a novel suite of tools for both beginners and advanced users. Its features include an exceptional inpainting algorithm for image completion purposes and an innovative image prompt system ensuring a high-quality match between user inputs and generated results.

It allows simultaneous use of multiple prompts, thereby expanding creative possibilities and output diversity. The tool also includes support for diverse SDXL models, accommodating a wide array of styles ranging from artistic to photorealistic.

Furthermore, users can specify aspect ratios, enabling custom-made image generation with advanced style controls such as contrast, sharpness, and color adjustments.

It includes a unique reweighting algorithm that enhances the influence of specific elements within prompts. It also incorporates technology for precise face swapping making it suitable for creating personalized avatars or modifications.

Lastly, it is optimized for a wide range of hardware configurations, ensuring accessibility and speed.


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Pros and Cons


Transforms ideas into images
Advanced image generation
Image editing capabilities
Exceptional inpainting algorithm
Image prompt system
High-quality output match
Multiple prompts feature
Expands creative possibilities
Output diversity
Diverse SDXL models support
Artistic to photorealistic styles
Customizable aspect ratios
Optimized for various hardware
Unique reweighting algorithm
Precise face swapping feature
Versatile model compatibility
Advanced style control
Prompt reweighting for targeting
High performance on varied hardware
Stunning image generation
Inpainting for image completion
Enriched creativity through multi-prompts
Wide array styles
Custom-made image generation
Contrast, sharpness, color adjustments
Enhanced prompt influence
High fidelity output generation
Superior inpainting results
High precision facial replacements
High quality generated image
Flexible output dimensions
Increased versatility and depth
Simultaneous multi-prompt use
User-centric style fine-tuning
Efficient performance across hardware
Sharability and collaboration easy
Tailor-made image generation
Satisfying inpainting results
Precise facial modifications
Quality, realism, artistic merit
Novice and advanced tool suite
Superior hardware optimization
Detailed creative control
Emphasized desired aspects in output
Unique image prompt enhancements
Wide style accommodation
Merged diverse creative directions


No mobile version
Poor multi-prompt integration
Inconsistent image quality
Limited SDXL model range
Aspect ratio restrictions
Bland user interface
No offline version
No community platform
Inefficient on low-end hardware
Limited style controls


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Can Fooocus transform my ideas into realistic images?
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What is the multi-prompt support in Fooocus?
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