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Generate stunning art prints with AI.
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For the Wall is an AI-powered platform that allows users to generate unique, personalized art prints. The service leverages advanced machine learning technologies to create a broad array of art styles.

Users have the option to generate art pieces from scratch with significant flexibility in sizes ranging from A4 to A2. The platform's AI capabilities also extend to generating various styled art prints that include but are not limited to abstract, anime, art deco, graphic, watercolor, concept art, cubism, cyberpunk, expressionist, graffiti, illustration, minimalist, pop art, psychedelic, retrowave, and surrealism.

Once users have created their unique piece, For the Wall offers worldwide shipping, ensuring prints arrive swiftly and in perfect condition. There is also an option to frame the created art with a diverse range of styles and colors available.

For the Wall provides a 30-day money back guarantee, ensuring satisfaction with every order.


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For the Wall was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 19th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Generates diverse art styles
Prints from $19.99
Offers worldwide free shipping
Art generation from scratch
Various sizes from A4 to A2
Option to frame art
Diverse range of frames
30-day money back guarantee
Flexibility in art customization
Abstraction art generation
Anime art generation
Art deco generation
Graphic art generation
Watercolor art generation
Concept art generation
Cubism art generation
Cyberpunk art generation
Expressionist art generation
Graffiti art generation
Illustration art generation
Minimalist art generation
Pop art generation
Psychedelic art generation
Retrowave art generation
Surrealism art generation
Examples available for inspiration


No physical preview before purchase
Limited size options evident
Unclear resolution capabilities
Not clear about printing material
No free trial available
Limited framing styles and colors
No multi-lingual platform support
Potential international shipping delays
Limited conceptual art gradients
No bulk order discounts

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