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Automated customer support through language modeling.
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Forethought's generative AI platform, SupportGPT™, is designed to automate customer support processes, making them more efficient and cost-effective. The platform uses large language models (LLMs) to accurately predict customer inquiries and provide relevant responses quickly and accurately.

The platform offers several features, including Solve, which automates answers to common questions across any channel; Triage, which enriches cases with sentiment and intent, then prioritizes and routes them based on urgency; Assist, which harnesses the power of generative AI to empower agents with relevant knowledge and suggested responses; and Discover, which helps companies measure ROI, identify and resolve gaps, and track performance in real time.

Forethought's generative AI is designed to streamline customer service across any industry, including e-commerce, SaaS, FinTech, and more.


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Pros and Cons


Automated customer support
Language modeling prediction
Effective and rapid responses
Multi-feature platform
Automates answers
Enriches cases with sentiment
Prioritizes and routes urgency
Empowers agents with knowledge
Tracks performance in real time
Integrable with support platforms
Works across any industry
Proactive insights unlocking
Protects customer data
Fast resolution delivery
Reduces support costs
91% average model accuracy
40% average First Response Time reduction
53% average deflection rate
Supports E-commerce, SaaS, FinTech
Inbuilt intent and sentiment analysis
Agent productivity improvement
Instant workflow optimization
Real-time performance tracking
ROI measuring capabilities
Quick and easy installation
Lower cost per ticket
Trackable ROI
Fast ramping of agents
Insights into knowledge gaps
High ticket deflection
Improved customer interactions
Effective in complex cases resolution
Data security emphasis
Plug-in enterprise solution
Up to 30% time-to-resolution reduction
Immediate routing to right agent
High-priority and low-priority ticket prediction
Agent best-fit prediction for tickets


No multilingual support mentioned
No specific tool integration mentioned
Not specified for small businesses
No offline support tools
Lack of advanced analytics
No free trial or version
Requires data for training
No customizable chat interface
Limited sector-specific customization
No voice chat support


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How does the Discover feature in SupportGPT help track performance and ROI?
Can SupportGPT be used across different industries?
How does SupportGPT help in the e-commerce sector?
How does SupportGPT help in the SaaS industry?
How does SupportGPT benefit the FinTech sector?
Does Forethought offer any customer success stories or case studies?
How does Forethought ensure the security of customer data?
How accurate are the predictions made by SupportGPT?
How does SupportGPT improve the support ticket lifecycle?
How can SupportGPT help reduce the time to resolution for customer queries?
Can SupportGPT work with my company's existing customer service software?
Are there any demo versions of SupportGPT that I can try before purchasing?

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