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Personalized food ordering assistant
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Eva is an AI ordering assistant that aims to enhance your dining experience by providing personalized recommendations and facilitating the ordering process.

By downloading the app or scanning a QR code at the store, users can start a chat with Eva to begin their food and drink orders. Eva offers a range of benefits, including the ability to explore menus, skip lines, discover new favorites, and access exclusive offers.

The app acts as a personal AI assistant, providing users with tailored recommendations based on their preferences.With Eva, users can enjoy their food and drinks without the hassle of waiting in line.

The app aims to streamline the ordering process, allowing users to place their orders directly through the chat interface.While Eva primarily focuses on enhancing the customer experience, the tool also offers benefits for businesses.

Store owners and restaurant managers can discover how Eva can optimize their operations by contacting the Eva team directly.Overall, Eva presents itself as a convenient and efficient way to transform the dining experience.

By leveraging AI technology, users can expect a personalized and hassle-free approach to ordering, enabling them to enjoy their meals more easily.


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Pros and Cons


Personalized recommendations
Facilitates ordering process
Chat-based ordering
Skip physical lines
Discover new favorites
Access to exclusive offers
Preference-based suggestions
Streamlines ordering process
Optimizes business operations
Convenient and efficient
Transforms dining experience
Avoids waiting in queues
QR code functionality
Available on iOS
Offers future of ordering
Supercharges business operations
Social media presence
Direct contact for queries


Only on iOS
Requires downloads
Orders only via chat
No table booking
Limited restaurant options
No multi-language support
No dietary restriction options
No offline functionality


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How does Eva streamline the ordering process?
Does Eva only work for food or can it handle drink orders too?
How does Eva personalize the ordering experience?
Is Eva suitable for use in restaurants and cafes, or just for individual users?
How can Eva benefit store owners and restaurant managers?
What QR code do I need to scan to start using Eva?
Do I need to download an app to use Eva?
Is Eva available on iOS?
How can I contact the Eva team for business inquiries?
Can Eva help me to skip lines at the restaurant?
Will Eva allow me to explore restaurant menus?
Is Eva an individual or a business tool?
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