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Automated Google Sheets data manipulation.
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Formula God is an AI-enabled add-on for Google Sheets that helps users automate tedious tasks and save time. With Formula God, users can easily execute advanced calculations and manipulate data across entire ranges with just one formula.

Formula God's built-in artificial intelligence is sophisticated enough to understand natural language and user instructions, providing users with an intuitive, conversational experience.

In addition, Formula God contains a comprehensive glossary of terms to help users understand the power of AI and how to get the most out of the add-on.

With the potential of Formula God, users can now access spreadsheet omnipotence and become a Sheets God to maximize productivity and achieve their goals.


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Formulagod was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 17th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Automates tedious tasks
Easily execute advanced calculations
Manipulates data in ranges
Understands natural language
Able to interact conversationally
Contains comprehensive glossary
Potential for omnipotent manipulation
Manage Sheets with one formula
Enhances Sheets productivity
Helps attain productivity goals
Holds natural language interface
Fulfills advanced Sheets usage
Calculates values across ranges
Intuitive user experience
Free plans coming soon


Limited to Google Sheets
Lacks multi-language support
No available API
Not available for Excel
Unclear data security measures
No offline support
No real-time collaboration feature
Only provides formulas assistance
Unclear maintenance and updates
No information on scalability


What is Formula God?
How does Formula God use AI to manipulate Google Sheets data?
What specific tasks can Formula God automate in Google Sheets?
How does Formula God understand natural language and instructions?
What is the 'spreadsheet omnipotence' that Formula God offers?
How can I become a 'Sheets God' using Formula God?
Does Formula God offer a glossary of terms?
Can I execute advanced calculations with Formula God?
What are the benefits of using Formula God as per the testimonials provided?
Does Formula God have to be installed as an add-on?
Is Formula God compatible with Excel?
How does Formula God help to increase productivity?
Is there a waitlist for using Formula God?
What kind of support does Formula God offer in case of issues or requirements?
Does Formula God operate based on pre-defined formulas or can it customize formulas as per requirement?
Will there be free plans for Formula God?
Are the operations performed by Formula God reversible?
Is there a limit on the range of data Formula God can manipulate in Sheets?
Does Formula God provide assistance with statistical analysis?
Will Formula God help to reduce time spent on data manipulation tasks?


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