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Simplified complex calculations in Excel.
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Formulas HQ is an AI-based tool that helps simplify complex calculations in Microsoft Excel and Google Sheets. Users can generate formulas, functions, VBA codes, and regular expressions in seconds, without requiring any programming skills.

The AI uses natural language descriptions to generate these complex functions that can be easily copied and pasted into a spreadsheet. Additionally, the tool comes with a built-in chat that uses GPT-4 messaging for support.

Users can also collaborate with community experts to improve their formulas.Formulas HQ offers AI-powered formula creation that generates Excel or Google Sheets formulas based on simple descriptions of the desired calculation.

The tool also offers intelligent VBA script generation that automatically produces relevant VBA or Apps Script for a particular automation or function.

The regex pattern builder simplifies creating complex regular expressions by creating the appropriate regex expression based on descriptions of the pattern users want to match.

Formulas HQ offers multiple pricing plans. The free Basic plan allows users to make up to five requests per month, while the Formula Pro plan costs $18 per month and includes unlimited requests.

The Yearly Pro plan costs $12 per month, with a discount of over 30% when billed yearly, and provides priority support and unlimited requests. Formulas HQ is suitable for accountants, small business owners, inventory managers, business analysts and anyone seeking a simple way to speed up their calculations and productivity.


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May 14, 2023
Site is a little slow but the formulas are almost perfect. Huge Excel guy here. A lot of these suck.

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Pros and Cons


Generates Excel formulas
Generates Google Sheets formulas
VBA code generation
Apps script generation
Regular expression generator
Built-in chat with GPT-4
Community collaboration feature
Suitable for various professions
Multiple pricing plans
Free Basic plan available
Intelligent VBA script creation
Formulas based on descriptions
Comprehensible complex calculations
Guidance via system prompts
Streamlining programming tasks
Automatic regex expression creation
Highly accessible for users
Detailed code explanations available
Reduced chances of misinterpretation
Increased decision-making accuracy
Upcoming Google Sheets Add-on
Upcoming Microsoft Excel Add-on
Supports various kinds of calculations
Yearly Pro plan offers discount
Priority support for Pro users
Increases calculation speed
Reduces manual formula writing


Limited requests in free plan
No integrated Excel support
No integrated Google Sheets support
Limited scripting languages support
No multilingual support
Pricing can be costly
No explicit data protection mention
No cancel anytime option mentioned


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