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Make & Publish Online Forms Instantly
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Formzil is an Artificial Intelligence -powered platform designed to create and publish online forms instantaneously. It can be utilized to generate documents tailored to meet a variety of general requirements.

This application employs AI technologies to assist users in developing customized digital forms swiftly and efficiently. Unlike traditional document creation tools, Formzil combines its smart system with user inputs, enabling a seamless and swift creation process of diversified forms.

To fully maximize the capabilities of this application, users need to make sure JavaScript is enabled in their browsers. The tool is particularly beneficial for businesses and individuals seeking a quick and streamlined process for creating and distributing digital forms.

With Formzil, users can expect enhanced productivity and a highly optimized method for creating various types of online forms.

Formzil was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on June 30th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Quick document creation
Efficient form generation
User-friendly interface
Free registration
Instant document production
Less manual input
Well-structured website layout
Accessible login
Convenient signup options
Privacy policy included
Generates various document types
Great for business use
JavaScript enabled for functionality
Customized digital forms
Boosts productivity
Optimized form creation
Supports extensive document details
Caters to general needs
Swift creation process
Automated form creation
Streamlined process
Intuitive layout


Needs JavaScript enabled
No explicit privacy tools
Free accounts may limit features
No mentioned offline capabilities
No advanced customization
Not suited for complex forms
Not explicitly multi-platform
No stated integration with business solutions
No API mentioned
No explicit document management system


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