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Automated AI-powered meeting summaries direct to your inbox.
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Foxymeets is an AI-powered tool designed to automate the task of taking meeting notes, thus allowing users to stay more present and engaged in discussions.

By using AI to capture, analyze, and summarize each meeting, Foxymeets alleviates the burdens typically associated with manual note-taking. The tool is designed to integrate seamlessly with popular scheduling apps, such as Google Calendar, or manually-entered meeting URLs for flexibility.

During the meeting, Foxymeets takes over the task of note-taking, allowing users to focus solely on conversation and participation. After each meeting, users receive a concise, readable summary of the key points discussed, delivered straight to their email inbox.

The summaries aim to be sufficiently detailed yet succinct, allowing for quick reading and digestion, and aiding in the recalling and implementation of decisions made during the meeting.Foxymeets is scalable and can accommodate meetings of any length.

The pricing model allows the users to pay per meeting hour. The company also offers a straightforward refund policy for any unused meeting hours. However, it's important to acknowledge that while it's designed to be highly reliable, like any AI tool, its accuracy might not be 100% all the time, especially in critical meetings where specific terminologies might be used.

The company encourages feedback on any potential software bugs or feature requests so that they can continuously improve their service.For businesses or individuals looking to streamline their meeting processes and optimize productivity, Foxymeets presents a competent solution.


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Pros and Cons


Direct inbox delivery
Automated meeting summaries
Note-taking automation
Scheduling app integration
Scalable for any meeting length
Pay per use
Refund policy
Quick reading summaries
Integration with Google Calendar
Allows full meeting participation
Quality focus on key points
Report bugs directly
Request features directly
Manually-entered meeting URLs
Productivity optimization
Meeting management
Optimized for speedy digestion
Decision recall facilitation
Offers special discounts
Encourages customer feedback
Aims for high reliability
Supports long meetings
Summaries around 10% of time
No limit on meeting length
Open to feature suggestions
Active improvement approach
Unlimited members in plan
Meeting URL flexibility
Handles meeting note-taking
Connect accounts easily
No need for note-taking
Special discounts for groups
Scales to usage
Close customer engagement
Refund for unused hours
Fair pricing model
Efficient meeting process
Building customer trust
Potential for high accuracy
Summaries achieve quick read goal
Openness to critical feedback
Ease of use
Seamless integration
Aid in discussion implementation
Sign-up simplicity
Innovative pricing model
Streamlines meeting processes
Accepts feature requests


Limited to Google Calendar integration
No direct app integration
No offline functionality
Not built for sensitive/specific terminologies
Limited refund policy information
No demo version available
Requires manual entry of meeting URL
Cost per meeting hour
Questionable summary length relevance
Absence of multi-language support


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