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Delivered concise meeting summaries to your inbox.
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FoxyMeets is an AI-powered meeting summary tool that allows users to stay present during meetings without having to take notes. It works by connecting to a user's Google Calendar or manually entering the meeting URL.

Once connected, FoxyMeets captures key points from the meeting and delivers them to the user's inbox in a summary form. The summaries are typically 10% of the length of the meeting.

The pay-as-you-go plan is $1.25 per meeting hour per user and there is no limit to the length of the meeting. Additionally, FoxyMeets has a fair refund policy for all unused meeting hours.

If a user has any feedback or suggestions, they can reach out to FoxyMeets to report a bug or request a feature.


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Foxymeets was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 26th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Connects to Google Calendar
Manually enter meeting URLs
Delivers summaries to inbox
Summaries 10% of meeting
No limit meeting length
Pay-as-you-go plan
Fair refund policy
Can report bugs
Can request features
Summaries sent to you
Supports multi-member plans
Offers special discounts
Handles note-taking
Unlimited length per meeting
Reliable summaries
Quickly readable summaries
Scale-up as needed
Refunds for unused hours
Open for feedback


Only connects to Google Calendar
Manual URL entry required
Pay-as-you-go pricing
No free trial
No offline notes availability
Limited feedback channels
Over-reliance on email communication
No multi-user collaboration feature
Doesn't specify language support
No mention of encryption/security


What is Foxymeets?
How does Foxymeets work?
How does Foxymeets connect to my Google Calendar or meeting URL?
What does a Foxymeets summary include?
How long are the Foxymeets summaries compared to the actual meeting?
How much does Foxymeets cost per meeting hour?
Is there a limit to the length of a meeting that Foxymeets can handle?
Does Foxymeets offer refunds for unused meeting hours?
Where are my Foxymeets meeting summaries sent?
How can I reach out to Foxymeets for feedback, bug reporting or feature requests?
Is there a trial or demo version available for Foxymeets?
Can multiple members use the same Foxymeets plan?
How to sign up for Foxymeets?
How reliable are the summaries provided by Foxymeets?
Why should I choose Foxymeets to generate my meeting summaries?
Can I entirely rely on Foxymeets for note-taking during critical meetings?
What are the main benefits of using Foxymeets?
Does Foxymeets offer special discounts for larger groups?
How does the pay-as-you-go plan of Foxymeets work?
Who is the Foxymeets tool ideally suited for?


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