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FreePlanTour is an AI-powered itinerary planning tool for travel agencies, hotels, tourism offices, and individual travelers. It generates personalized travel itineraries instantly for any destination in any language.

The tool is designed to save over 90% of the time spent on traditional itinerary planning tasks, ensuring a seamless planning experience. The generated travel guides are unique for every trip as the tool considers specific preferences and requirements.

The tool offers adaptable and editable content, so users can easily modify the guides to suit their needs. Moreover, the finalized plan can be exported with a single click.

FreePlanTour offers unlimited destination possibilities and is fully responsive and adaptable. Users can create up to two free travel plans, after which they can buy the €5 plan to create up to 10 itineraries, or the €30 per month plan to generate an unlimited number of itineraries without restrictions.

FreePlanTour is available in 16 languages, including Arabic, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Russian, and Chinese. Users can register with their email or Google account and receive a verification link.

The generated itinerary is unique and will contain the best recommendations for the trip, saved in a database for future reference. Users can also share it with others via email as many times as they need.


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Apr 19, 2024
very good page for planning your trip! Lots of languages offered, knows even small locations (e.g. Germany --> Dagebüll). Allows very long, detailed and complex requests.

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Pros and Cons


Generates personalized itineraries
Saves 90% planning time
Adaptable and editable content
Plan export feature
Unlimited destination possibilities
Responsive and adaptable
Two free travel plans
Supports multiple languages
Google account integration
Unique itinerary generation
Best recommendations included
Saved in database
Shareable via email
Suitable for travel agencies, hotels
User-friendly platform
Reflects your brand
Detailed personalized itineraries
Endless destination possibilities
Limitless printing and sharing
Unlimited editions and downloads
Infinite itineraries with subscription
Editable and shareable in any language


Limited free itineraries
Google account required for registration
Charge for additional itineraries
Editing limitations unspecified
Database storage, potential privacy issues
Email sharing only
€5 for 10 itineraries
€30 monthly for unlimited itineraries
No mobile app mentioned
Limited plans not good for agencies


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