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Language learning model optimization for product teams.
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Freeplay is a tool designed to transform the way product teams build with Language Learning Models (LLMs). It empowers product teams by offering faster prototyping, confident testing, and optimized product features for customers.

With Freeplay, users can prototype like professionals, manage, version, and restore all prompts at any time, track results for specific versions, and compare them for quality.

The tool allows for testing different LLMs within an application with a simple switch, enabling prompts tweaking, testing, and debugging with or without engineers' involvement.One of Freeplay's key features is the ability to automate testing for prompts, chains, or chatbots, using AI auto-evaluations for instant understanding.

It also facilitates launching human labeling jobs to increase user trust and curating test cases from real results or uploading custom ones. By observing what is happening across every environment, Freeplay provides insights to optimize both quality and cost.

It leverages AI and human feedback to score production data and build a valuable feedback loop for constant improvement.Freeplay is designed for the whole team, offering collaborative capabilities for prompts, tests, and labeling in a user-friendly interface.

It provides developer SDKs for Python, Node, and Java, as well as deployment options to comply with the user's specific requirements. The tool supports observing all environments, understanding prompt cost and latency, self-hosting in the user's environment, filtering results, launching labeling jobs, and facilitating teamwork.

Freeplay has garnered positive feedback from notable companies such as Help Scout, Maze, Grain, and Framer, who have praised its ability to assist in fine-tuning services, enabling faster shipping, boosting confidence, and fostering experimentation with prompts.


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