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Generation of promptly preprocessed company reports.
Generated by ChatGPT (Fresh Ai Opinions) is a website launched in Feb.2023 that provides resources and inspiration to the AI community. The website offers a free AI (GPT-3 powered) value accruement report for a range of companies, including Apple, Tesla,, Microsoft, and more.

The report is generated in approximately 10 seconds by entering the company name into an input box. The report is intended to provide general information only and should not be considered financial advice.

The website also provides a range of additional resources and services, including AI Investing, Human + AI contributions, the largest AI tool collections, and more.


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Freshly was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 21st 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates reports in seconds
Free value accruement reports
No sign-up requirement
Available for many companies
User-friendly input option
Availability of additional resources
Ease of navigation
No financial advice bias
Interactive report generation
Practical information repository
Newly launched tool
Quick decision making tool


Limited company database
Not offering financial advice
Uncertainty in accuracy
No personalized reports
No offline availability
No API integration
Needs constant updates
Data privacy concerns
Only English-language reports
No multi-user collaboration


What is and what does it offer?
How does the company report generator on work?
What kind of report does produce about a company?
Are there any fees involved in generating a report on
Is the report provided by completely accurate?
What happens after I input a company name in
Can I use the report generated by as financial advice?
Does provide reports on all companies or just specific ones?
How long does take to generate a company report?
What other resources and services does provide?
What is the 'Human + AI contributions' section on
What can I find in the 'Largest AI tool collections' on
What is 'AI Investing' on
How do I register on and what benefits will I get?
What are the 'Recent Posts' on about?
What do the numbers in brackets like 'Apple (23)' signify on
What can I expect from the AI art gallery on
Does have guides or articles explaining how AI works?
Who is behind and when was it launched?
How can I contact the team at for more information or queries?

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