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Transforming visions into requirements for product teams.
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Full.CX is a comprehensive product management solution that is designed to streamline and enhance the product development process. It is particularly aimed at fostering better communication between product and technology teams throughout the lifecycle from initial ideation to successful release.

The platform offers a capacity to convert raw ideas into polished requirements with acceptance criteria. It has a built-in AI assistant, powered by OpenAI's GPT3 and GPT4, to aid in the development of products with clarity and precision.The suite of features includes detailed product information at a glance, intuitive interface for idea management, deep understanding of the target audience through refined user personas, user-friendly design for easy management, and toolkit for press release creation and distribution.

Furthermore, it allows for transforming initial concepts into structured ideas, breaking down ideas into specific features and translating features into detailed requirements.

Precise acceptance criteria for each requirement can be defined for quality assurance.Full.CX offers diverse pricing options that cater to different team sizes and needs, and includes a range of features from platform access to advanced AI suggestions and generations (GPT4).

The ultimate aim of this tool is to supercharge product development, promoting clarity and efficiency from idea capturing to product delivery.


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Full.CX was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 19th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Product information at glance
Streamlines idea management
Assists in user persona development
User-friendly design
Aids in press release creation
Transforms concepts into structured ideas
Breaks down ideas into features
Translates features into detailed requirements
Defines acceptance criteria for QA
Diverse pricing options
Built-in GPT3 & GPT4 integration
Aids product development clarity
Promotes efficiency from idea capturing to delivery
Streamlines product development process
Enhances inter-team communication
Daily product ideas
Enhances the product development lifecycle
Facilitates idea to acceptance transition
User-centric design
Helps understand target audience needs
Aids in setting development paths
Offers structure for innovation
Facilitates product milestones publicity
Helps ensure resource allocation efficiency
Helps measure excellence for product delivery
Precise acceptance criteria for requirement tracking and QA
Pricing caters to different team sizes/needs
Product HyperDrive Feature
Free registration
Platform access in all plans
Unlimited Users for Starter and Pro
Supports unlimited products for Pro


No offline access
Limited products on lower tiers
No explicit collaboration features
No specific integrations mentioned
Unclear mobile support
Sign-up is necessary
Press release toolkit unspecified
Complex pricing structure
Limited users in basic plan


What is Full.CX?
How does Full.CX assist in product development?
What is the AI tool used in Full.CX?
How does Full.CX provide a deeper understanding of the target audience?
What is the purpose of the toolkit for press release creation and distribution?
How can Full.CX transform concepts into structured ideas?
What is the role of GPT3 and GPT4 integration in Full.CX?
What are the pricing options for Full.CX?
What extra features does the Pro plan of Full.CX offer?
How user-friendly is the interface of Full.CX?
What are the specific capabilities of Full.CX aimed at fostering better communication in teams?
How does Full.CX help in defining precise acceptance criteria for each requirement?
How does the AI assistant in Full.CX aid in product development?
Can Full.CX help manage ideas efficiently?
Who is the target user for Full.CX?
What benefits does Full.CX offer for larger teams?
What are the requirements for signing up for Full.CX?
What does 'Product HyperDrive' feature in Full.CX Pro Plan do?
How does Full.CX assist in assurance of quality during product development?
What is the 'Ultra-fast GPT-3.5 Trubo AI Suggestions' feature in Full.CX Starter plan?

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