Team management 2023-06-27
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Collab process design, task automation.
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Furl is a collaborative experience designer powered by AI and designed to simplify process creation. The tool allows users to describe their process in natural language and the AI creates a visual experience for the user and their team.

This process happens within seconds, making it efficient and effective. The visual experience also allows for easy collaboration, as everyone on the team can see the big picture and work together in real-time.

The AI is designed to automate regular tasks and reduce the drudgery of the usual workflow process. Furl is not just limited to improving process design, but can also be used for daily standups, onboarding new employees, career development, personal growth, or job application tracking, among others.

To streamline the work, Furl’s AI can be integrated with other favorite applications such as Slack, Google Workspace, Discord, and Github, among others.

The tool is currently in the waitlist stage for new users, but coming features include cybersecurity and sales, with more to come. Ultimately, Furl promises to make process design and implementation streamlined and aesthetically pleasing, with the help of its powerful AI technology and collaborative features.


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Pros and Cons


Natural language process input
Visual experience output
Real-time collaboration
Task automation
Applications for team management
Useful for employee onboarding
Assists career development tracking
Supports personal growth planning
Job application tracking features
Integration with Slack
Integration with Google Workspace
Integration with Discord
Integration with Github
Quick process creation
Reduced workflow drudgery
Aesthetically pleasing designs
Can schedule daily standups
Automation of regular tasks
Eliminates need for meetings
Collaborative brainstorming facilitation
Turns transcripts into summaries
Reminder setup for tasks
Employee onboarding process design
Designs career path
Plan personal growth path
Tracks job application process
Useful for product teams
Useful for HR departments
Useful for job seekers
Cybersecurity features coming
Sales features coming
Integration with Atlassian Jira
Receives turn by email
Regular progress updates
Describes process in seconds
Collaboration across departments
Streamlined work automation
Supports favorite applications


In waitlist stage
No mobile application
Limited integration options
Features still under development
No offline mode
No multi-language support
Limited user documentation
No user customization options
No collaboration outside team


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