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Creation of personalised avatars for pets from photos.
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Furmasterpiece Pet Avatar Creator is an AI-powered app that allows users to generate personalised avatars of their pets. With a simple photo of their furry companion, users can create stunning avatars in minutes in 3 types of styles - move avatars, art avatars, and cartoon avatars.

More than 30+ unique styles of avatars are available for cats, dogs, birds, and more. The app comes with a user-friendly interface and provides high-quality output.

It is affordable and accessible to pet owners, with regular updates and new styles added based on seasonal themes. Users can share their pet avatars on social media and download them for their own use.

The app offers data safety, with no data shared with third parties, and data is encrypted in transit. Users can also request for their data to be deleted.

The developer is Wadup - AI Avatar Creator and the developer contact is [email protected].


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Pros and Cons


Creates pet avatars
Uses photos for customization
Supports 3 avatar styles
Offers 30+ unique styles
Avatars for various pets
User-friendly interface
Provides high-quality output
Regular updates for styles
Seasonal themes for avatars
Supports social media sharing
Downloadable avatars
Ensures data safety
No data shared externally
Option for data deletion
Affordable for pet owners


Limited to pet avatars
Only 3 styles available
No data purging option
No API access
No third-party integrations
Limited personalization options
No multi-pet avatars
Periodic updates required
Lacks real-time avatar preview
Support only via email


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Is Furmasterpiece affordable for pet owners?
Does Furmasterpiece regularly update and add new styles?
Can I share my pet avatars on social media using Furmasterpiece?
Does Furmasterpiece offer data safety and privacy?
Is my data encrypted in transit when using Furmasterpiece?
Can I request for my data to be deleted from Furmasterpiece?
Who is the developer of Furmasterpiece?
How can I contact the developer of Furmasterpiece?
Is Furmasterpiece available on Google Play?
Can I download the avatars I create using Furmasterpiece?
What type of app is Furmasterpiece?
Are there in-app purchases in Furmasterpiece?
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Are there seasonal themes available in Furmasterpiece?
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