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G-Prompter is an AI tool that allows users to train their own prompters to generate optimal prompts based on their own style. By utilizing the GPT API, users can create prompters that generate prompts specifically tailored to their needs.

The tool offers various prompter types, including photography, traditional art, and digital art, as well as a wide range of styles such as portrait, landscape, abstract, and surrealism.To train a prompter, users are recommended to provide around 5 to 10 prompts that exemplify their desired style.

The tool also offers options to customize prompt length, artistic style, and aspect ratio. Users can either input their own ideas or utilize the tool's AI inspiration feature.In addition, G-Prompter offers a donor access feature, allowing generous contributors to access the website without limitations.

Donations help cover the running and maintenance costs of the project, ensuring ongoing development and improvement of the tool.It is important to note that due to high volume, there are limitations on usage, with users currently restricted to 10 queries per hour.

However, the tool employs a less resource-intensive training model to ensure continued functionality.G-Prompter is a free-to-use tool developed by a solo developer.

While there are no ads or sponsors backing the platform, users can contribute to supporting the service by making small donations. Generous donors gain full access to the website and its features.Overall, G-Prompter offers users the ability to train their own prompters and generate personalized prompts based on their unique artistic style, supported by the GPT API.


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