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Market feedback analysis for customer reviews.
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GapScout is a market research software designed to make market research easier and more fun. It uses cutting-edge AI analysis to identify market gaps in customer reviews that can be used to increase sales and profits.

It quickly and accurately analyzes customer reviews to uncover key themes and opportunities, allowing users to maximize their sales potential. It can help users spy on competitors and improve their sales copy to increase conversion rates.

GapScout provides users with actionable insights, saving them time and money. It is easy to use and provides users with real-time market feedback. With GapScout, users can position their brand for success, identify new ways to make money, and establish dominance in their market.


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GapScout was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on February 15th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Identifies market gaps
Rapid customer review analysis
Uncovers key market themes
Provides actionable insights
Spy on competitors
Improves sales copy conversions
Real-time market feedback
Helps establish market dominance
Identifies opportunities for profit
Time and money saving
Easy to use interface
Brings fun to market research
Data-driven business decisions
Uncovers hidden industry opportunities
Unique focus on review analysis
Helps maximize sales potential
Offers early access functionality


No mobile app available
No multi-language support
No offline functionality
No free trial offered
No integration options mentioned
Limited user testimonials
No live support
No advanced customization options
Lack of output data visualization


What is GapScout?
How does GapScout work?
What kind of insights can I get from GapScout?
How does GapScout help with market research?
Who is GapScout meant for?
Can GapScout help me understand my competitors better?
What makes GapScout different from other market research software?
How will GapScout help improve my sales copy?
How real-time is the market feedback GapScout provides?
How does GapScout analyze customer reviews?
Does GapScout offer any competitive intelligence features?
How easy is it to use GapScout?
How quickly does GapScout analyze customer reviews?
How does GapScout identify market gaps?
Can I use GapScout to find new ways to make money?
What areas of the market does GapScout help identify opportunities in?
Can I use GapScout to help improve my offers?
How does GapScout use AI in its analysis?
Can I get early access to GapScout?
What's the cost of using GapScout?

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