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Self-service e-commerce dashboard and analytics.
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Generative BI is a no-code AI reporting platform specifically designed for e-commerce and marketplace sellers. It enables non-technical coworkers to quickly and easily build their own dashboards and analytics, without writing any code.

Generative BI allows users to centralize their data, answer their own business questions instantly, and access valuable metrics for making informed decisions.

It also provides pre-built templates and customization options, making self-service analytics a reality. Generative BI is available to use for free, so users can get started right away, and there is also the option to book a demo to learn more about the platform.

Generative BI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 28th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Self-service analytics
Pre-built templates
Customization options
Free to use
Demo availability
Designed for e-commerce
Accessible for non-technical users
Instant business metrics
Centralized data
Automated data collection
Quick decision making


Doesn't integrate with all databases
Limited customization options
Potentially overwhelming for non-tech users
No offline availability
No API for integration
Reliance on prebuilt templates
One-size-fit-all solution may not suit everyone
Lacks detailed user documentation
No mention of data security
Dependency on constant internet connection


What is Generative BI?
How is Generative BI specifically designed for e-commerce?
Can Generative BI be used by non-technical users?
What functions does Generative BI's dashboard provide?
How does Generative BI allow users to centralize their data?
Can I answer my business questions instantly with Generative BI?
What kind of valuable metrics can Generative BI provide for decision making?
Does Generative BI provide pre-built templates and customization options?
Is Generative BI free to use?
How can I book a demo to learn more about Generative BI?
How can non-technical coworkers build their own dashboards with Generative BI?
How does Generative BI help in making self-service analytics happen?
Does Generative BI provide data-driven decision tools?
How can Generative BI help outperform competitors?
Is Generative BI a no-code platform?
Is there a blog available for Generative BI?
How do you sign up for Generative BI?
What kind of support does Generative BI offer?
Can I access Generative BI's services from my mobile device?
What is the data collection process like with Generative BI?


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