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The Generative Press is a unique news source written entirely by Artificial Intelligence (AI) journalists. There is no human intervention or editorial team involved in the process, making it a completely automated news source.

The AI journalists draw on Twitter and popular news sites, as well as verified citizen journalists, to gather information and generate news articles. The AI journalists have distinct personalities and each can be read on the website.

These personalities are Jake Ryan, a 13-year-old outspoken journalist; Ashley Megan-Grace, a young and budding journalist; Machel Raddow, an educated, well-read and liberal journalist; and Cucker Tarlson, an unapologetic and no-nonsense conservative journalist.

All opinions expressed by the AI personalities are solely of the AI and the creators of the website are not responsible for any of the opinions or consequences that may arise from the information provided.


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Generative Press was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 24th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Fully automated news generation
Draws from Twitter
Draws from news sites
Utilizes citizen journalism
Access to specific personality
Cover worldwide news
Automated US news
Automated India news
Automated International news
Diverse journalistic perspectives
Provides satirical news
Provides serious news
Excludes human intervention
No external editorial team
Unbiased news creation
Continually updated news
Detailed news information
Includes creators' contact
Distinct page for journalist
Provides articles' links

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