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Turn videos & photos to AI art.
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Genesis AI Studio is a tool specializing in turning images and videos into AI art. This application leverages advanced artificial intelligence to transform your content into creative artwork.

Genesis AI Studio provides over 40 templates to choose from, offering ease of use for beginners while also providing advanced prompts for more experienced users.

The tool is optimized for Apple Silicon chips, ensuring a smooth run on your local machine. The software emphasizes user privacy, with the creator noting that no data is collected from use of the application.

In terms of compatibility, the tool is designed for macOS 13.0 or later. Users are invited to test the software for free, offering an opportunity to explore the tool's capabilities firsthand.

Note, however, that while the tool works with all types of videos, it is particularly successful with portrait videos. Updates to the software include added support for a variety of models enhancing the creative potential of this tool.


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Genesis AI Studio was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 30th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Turns images/videos into art
Over 40 templates
Easy use for beginners
Advanced prompts for experienced
Optimized for Apple Silicon
Privacy-focused, no data collection
MacOS 13.0 or later compatible
Free trial available
Good for portrait videos
Supports variety of models
Offline functioning capability
Available for download on MacAppStore
Very positive customer ratings
Frequent software updates
Fast video generation
Offers in-app purchases
Supports English, German languages
Specially tailored for Apple devices
1.9 GB size manageable
Good for content creation
Physical violence filter options


Only for macOS 13.0+
Designed for Apple Silicon
Limited to 40 templates
Best for portrait videos
No data collection (limited improvements)
Requires 1.9 GB storage
In-App purchases for premium
Unclear number of models


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