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Generate multilingual images and improve design writing.
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Genie for Figma is an AI-powered plugin that simplifies content creation for designers by generating text and images, improving writing quality, and facilitating language translation.

The Figma plugin enhances writing by providing grammar fixes, simplification, casual tone, confidence, straightforwardness, and friendliness. A library is available for users to store and organize generated content to access it later without the need to recall Open AI.

The AI-powered tool can also generate images using DALL·E to create anime style images of cities like Ho Chi Minh. Users can start a seven-day free trial and thereafter, pay just $5 a month.

The primary objective of Genie for Figma is to improve the efficiency of design workflows. The tool utilizes AI to simplify content creation processes, offering designers the ability to create content faster without compromising on quality.

Additionally, the plugin provides designers with the flexibility to work with content in multiple languages, breaking the language barrier and helping content reach global markets.

Overall, Genie for Figma is an innovative tool designed to simplify the process of content creation and enhance writing quality using AI. This tool caters to designers who want to save time and work with generated content that can be stored in a library and accessed later, making it particularly useful for those with tight deadlines.

With its ability to generate text and images, improve writing, and translate languages, Genie for Figma provides designers with a comprehensive set of solutions for content creation.


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