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GeniePM is a project management tool focused on boosting team efficacy. This tool offers a comprehensive platform for undertaking various project management tasks such as user story creation, task tracking, and bug management.

It is designed with a keen focus on user intuition, aiming to enhance project workflow and resultantly yield improved outcomes. As such, it can be a valuable asset for startups and agile teams that are seeking to optimize their operation.GeniePM simplifies the process of writing user stories, rendering the process less burdensome and more focused on idea generation.

Tasks and descriptions can also be created with ease. The tool fosters an environment conducive for collaboration, asserting the importance of teamwork in successful project management.

In addition, GeniePM can be seamlessly integrated with popular tools, mitigating unnecessary technical complexities. Its user-friendly approach, combined with its feature-rich platform, makes it a facilitative tool for managing, tracking, and executing projects.


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GeniePM was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on April 8th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates specific user stories
Creates clear tasks and bugs
Streamlines product development process
User-friendly interface
Compatibility with JIRA
Compatibility with Notion
CSV compatible
Data export ability
Continuous refinement through feedback
Generates spot-on requirements
Requires no extensive setup
Offers tweaked definitions
Increases productivity
Reduces administrative tasks
In beta, free to try
Strong privacy policy
User fulfillment enhancement
Ready-to-use without setup
Smart adaptive interface
Regenerates fresh descriptions
Constant improvements based on suggestions
Recreates project requirements
Creates logical tasks breakdown
Capable of writing tickets
Delivers definitions for teams
Clear product development acceleration
Automates items creation for teams


No task prioritization feature
No real-time collaboration
Limited to JIRA, Notion, CSV
No mobile application
No integrations with Slack, GitHub
Only English language supported
No offline mode
No version history
Limited customization options
No dedicated support team


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What are the benefits of using GeniePM?
Can I use GeniePM for free?
How is user data protected in GeniePM?
How does GeniePM help in increasing productivity?
Can I review, edit, or request changes from Genie in GeniePM?
Does GeniePM's AI provide fresh and accurate descriptions when regenerating tasks?
What kind of tasks does GeniePM's AI generate?
Is GeniePM easy to set up and customize?
What is the GeniePM’s privacy policy?
What is the GeniePM interface like?
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