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Solution for efficient employee performance evaluations.
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GeniusReview is a 360° AI Performance Reviews tool that helps companies save time and effort in their performance reviews. It provides a tailored answer to performance review questions specific to the employee's role.

Companies can rank skills from 1 (no) to 10 (absolutely) and add their own questions to the review. For each question, the user can provide a few inputs for greater personalization of the answer.

Finally, the user can select the tone of the review to match their style. All user inputs are not stored or tracked.


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Geniusreview was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on December 26th 2022.
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Pros and Cons


Tailored answer generation
Role-specific performance reviews
Customizable skill ranking
User-defined review questions
Personalizable review tone
Confidential user information
Time saving
Custom question addition
Non-stored user inputs
Review style matching
Supports multiple roles
Personalizable review content
Efficient review generation


Limited pre-set roles
No multi-language support
Lacks historical data comparison
No mobile app availability
Non-customizable review tones
No option for peer reviews
No performance trend analysis
Skills list not expandable
Lacks collaborative usability
No real-time feedback feature


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Can I save and review my inputs on GeniusReview?
Does GeniusReview offer role-specific performance review methods?
How does GeniusReview help to save time in performance reviews?
What kind of roles does GeniusReview support in its evaluation process?
Is there a limit to how many questions I can add in GeniusReview?
Can I control the level of detail of answers given by GeniusReview?
How does GeniusReview ensure the relevancy of added user questions?
Can I use GeniusReview to evaluate an entire team's performance?
Does GeniusReview have any pre-built templates for numerous job roles?
How is the 'Give a few hints' feature used in GeniusReview?
Can I select more than one tone for the review in GeniusReview?
Can I edit or remove my input once it's added to GeniusReview?


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