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Instagram post creation for brands.
Generated by ChatGPT

Genome is an AI-powered tool for sellers and creators to help them generate Instagram posts for their brand. It starts by asking for information about the brand, such as the type of products, the target age group, and customer values.

It then uses the provided information to generate Instagram posts that are tailored to the brand’s tone of voice and values. The posts generated by Genome are designed to be of high quality, on trend, convenient, affordable, and socially relevant.

Additionally, Genome also takes into account ethical and eco-friendly considerations when generating posts. This ensures that the generated posts are tailored to the brand’s values, making it easier for the brand to engage with its target audience.


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Apr 9, 2024
Doesn`t work guys
Jan 8, 2024
Pretty sure this is dead.

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Genome was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on January 27th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


Generates high quality posts
Creates on trend content
Offers convenient solution
Affordable option
Creates socially relevant posts
Considers ethical values
Eco-friendly content generation
Tailors to brand's values
Enhances audience engagement
Adapts to brand's voice
Specialized for Instagram
Ideal for sellers and creators
Guided input for brand info
Supports multiple industries
Customizable brand age targeting
Multiple customer values options
Features on Product Hunt
Highly autonomous
Ability to edit suggestions
Considers social currency
Optimized for brand alignment


Doesn't offer LinkedIn support
No text correction feature
Doesn't support multiple languages
No API integration
No sentiment analysis
Doesn't support batch processing
No personal style adjustment
Limited post customization
No video post generation
No analytical reports feature


What is Genome?
How does Genome work?
What type of information does Genome need to generate Instagram posts?
Is Genome suitable for all types of brands?
How is the tone of voice determined by Genome?
Are the Instagram posts created by Genome eco-friendly?
Can Genome create posts that are on trend?
How does Genome ensure the quality of posts?
Can Genome help with post generation for a specific age group?
Are Genome's services affordable?
How does Genome tailor its generated posts to the brand's values?
Can the brand DNA settings in Genome be changed later?
How does Genome make the posts it generates socially relevant?
What exactly does 'Customer Values' mean in Genome's setup?
Can Genome handle Instagram post creation for multiple products within a brand?
How does Genome use JavaScript in its operation?
What link does Genome have with Product Hunt?
Do you need any special requirements to run Genome?
How can Genome help a brand engage with its target audience?
Can Genome assist in creating posts for different social media platforms or just Instagram?

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