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Automated creation and publishing of SEO blog content.
Generated by ChatGPT

GetBotz is an AI tool that automates the process of creating and publishing SEO-optimized articles on a blog. By using GPT-3.5 technology and data from the SEO data company, GetBotz generates over 30 articles per month, tailored to the user's preferred content and niche.

The tool also optimizes articles for readability and SEO, including meta tags and alt tags, and submits them for indexing to Google using Google APIs.

The tool boasts complete automation, requiring only three simple steps: providing basic details about the blog, connecting the Wordpress website, and letting GetBotz take care of regular posting.

By constantly monitoring the user's Google ranking and adjusting the upcoming articles accordingly, GetBotz ensures that the content is relevant and effective.

With more than 4000 blog articles published in the last three months and 800+ of them ranking on Google SERP at the time of writing, GetBotz claims to have helped over 60 blogs automate their publishing process with zero effort from the users.

The tool also addresses common pain points of blogging, such as the time commitment and financial burden of hiring a content agency or management provider.

GetBotz promises to increase blog traffic without relying on ads and repetitive tasks by scaling business while automating blogging.


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GetBotz was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on March 11th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


30+ articles per month
Uses GPT-3.5 technology
Data from
Optimizes for readability
Includes meta tags
Includes alt tags
Submits for indexing on Google
Monitors Google ranking
Adjusts articles based on ranking
Automates publishing process
Claims to increase blog traffic
Eases financial burden
Automates repetitive tasks
Addresses blogging pains points
Works on Wordpress websites
Over 4000 articles published
800+ articles ranking on Google
Helps avoid content agency costs
Assists blog scalability
Keyword finding feature
Automated article idea generation
SEO optimization
Submission to Google for indexing
Utilizes Search Console data
Context understanding for optimization
Generates 50,000+ organic visitors
Based on strong SEO data
Automates different blog types
Ranking on 800+ keywords
Automatic regular posting
Monitors blog every day
Easy set-up in three steps
Tailored content to user preference
Covers boring repetitive tasks
Automates entire blog management
Traffic increase without ads
Improved organic reach
Potential financial savings
Time-saving automation tool
Automated SEO strategy
Operates 24/7 without human intervention
Promises zero user effort
Generates meta tags and alt tags
Automates detailed tasks
Optimized for user's content niche
Provides regular content consistency
Submits articles for fast Google ranking
Promises to set blog on autopilot
Requires just basic blog details
SEO-driven article writing
Automated post scheduling and publishing


Only for Wordpress websites
Dependent On data
Unknown error correction measure
Limited to 30 articles/month
Questionable uniqueness of content
Lacks content customization
Lack of user's control
Limited scaling options
Unknown data security measures
Lack of multilingual support


What is GetBotz?
How does GetBotz utilize GPT-3.5 technology?
How many articles can GetBotz generate per month?
How does GetBotz optimize articles for SEO?
What is the process for setting up GetBotz with my blog?
How does GetBotz adjust upcoming articles based on Google ranking?
How many articles has GetBotz published in the last three months?
What are GetBotz's claims regarding user effort in the publishing process?
How does GetBotz propose to increase blog traffic?
Does GetBotz work with any blogging platform or specifically Wordpress?
What are the steps GetBotz takes to write and optimize an article?
How does GetBotz select keywords for articles?
How does GetBotz handle blog submission to Google for indexing?
Can I customize the type of content GetBotz produces for my blog?
Does GetBotz offer any special deals or promotions?
What are the benefits of connecting GetBotz with my Google Search Console?
Does GetBotz have a feature to monitor Google ranking?
How does GetBotz help to alleviate the financial commitment of regular blog posting?
Are there any geographical limitations to using GetBotz?
What is the average success rate of GetBotz's articles ranking on Google SERP?

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