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Website design without coding & online marketing.
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GetResponse's free website builder allows users to create a professional website without any coding knowledge through their AI-driven website builder templates.

Users can design a website from scratch or use the AI-wizard to generate a personalized website in seconds. The no-code solution provides absolute design freedom, website templates for various industries, and a complete online marketing suite to promote a website.

The drag-and-drop editor lets users customize their design with ease, and the global design tool allows users to make changes to the entire website with one click.

Additionally, users can increase their website conversions with built-in popups and forms and choose their domain hassle-free. GetResponse is a powerful tool for creating a unique online presence.

GetResponse was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on November 28th 2022.
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User Profile PictureSonya Salenko
ยท May 9, 2023
not bad, but few templates

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Pros and Cons


No coding knowledge required
Includes online marketing suite
Drag-and-drop editor
Global design tool
Built-in popups and forms
Hassle-free domain selection
Design freedom
Various industry templates
Fully customizable design
Personalized website generation
SEO-optimization tools
Visitor performance analytics
Website import feature
Website templates for all industries
Automatically mobile-friendly designs
Email marketing integration
Marketing automation integration
SMS marketing integration
Web push notifications integration
Live chats integration
Paid ads integration
Webinars integration
Affiliate program
100+ integrations
Quality customer success team
Highly detailed API docs
Free website builder
One click design changes
Ecommerce integrations
Popups for increased conversions
Broad set of marketing tools
Free hosting for websites
Simple domain registration
Responsive design by default
Free high resolution stock photos
Free GIFs from Giphy
24/7 technical support
Free-forever plan available
Option to connect a domain
Sign-up and contact forms
Access to successful customer stories


Limited customizability
No offline access
Website hosting not included
Custom domain costs extra
Restricted SEO customization
Limited selection of templates
Popups may disrupt user experience
No access to stock videos
Limited free plan capabilities


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What is the personalized website generation feature in GetResponse?
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