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Launch your business online with a beautiful microsite in minutes.
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GetSite is an AI-powered tool designed to assist users, particularly consultants and small businesses, in launching an online presence swiftly and conveniently.

This solution creates microsites through a streamlined process by asking the user a few questions. The generated microsites are designed professionally and are optimized for search engines and mobile devices, enhancing digital visibility for the users' services or businesses.

As a part of an all-in-one web presence solution, GetSite handles aspects such as hosting, domain procurement, analytics, SSL certification, and maintenance.

Furthermore, the platform provides tools for website management and integration with third-party tools. It enables users to establish an online presence without any need for coding skills or hiring developers or designers.

The platform uses advanced models from OpenAI to create the code, images, and copy for the microsites. The coded site consists of HTML, CSS, and Javascript, and users have the option to edit the code directly in the editor.

The payment structure of GetSite is based on one-time payments, offering a free tier, a personal/business tier, and a developer/agency tier for creating multiple websites.


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Feb 20, 2024
Slow, few templates and quirky workflow
Feb 23, 2024
Thank you for the review. I increased the speed of site generation (takes 1 minute to generate 3 versions). The workflow is much better now as well. Adding more templates is the next thing on my plate.

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Pros and Cons


Microsite creation
Optimized for mobile devices
Optimized for search engines
Hosting included
Domain procurement
Analytics tool integration
SSL certification
Website maintenance
HTML, CSS, Javascript used
Code editing option
Free tier available
One-time payment structure
No coding skills required
No need for developers
No need for designers
Third-party tool integration
Multiple website creation for devs
Professional design
Quick launch of online presence
Time and money saving
GoDaddy domain search & purchase
Content optimization tools
SEO optimization
Website updates support


Limited design flexibility
Generates only microsites
Limited third-party integrations
Based on user questionnaires
No multilingual support
No e-commerce functionality
One-time payment structure
Directly editing code required
No subscription model


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What is meant by 'microsite' in the context of GetSite?
How does GetSite handle website hosting and maintenance?
How does GetSite integrate with third-party tools?
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What is a one-time payment structure in GetSite?
How does GetSite handle SSL certification for the websites?

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