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Automated email productivity management.
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GhostAI is an email productivity platform powered by AI that allows users to automate their emails with the click of a button. It is the first-ever GPT and productivity email all-in-one app that provides a new email experience.

The tool enables users to reply and follow up to emails quickly through the use of mass send, split screens, and keyboard shortcuts, thereby enhancing functionality and improving productivity.

GhostAI takes data security and privacy seriously and utilizes the Gmailmodify scope to access only the minimum amount of information required to provide the service.

The tool does not share or sell user data to third parties and stores information securely using industry-standard encryption. GhostAI is available for download for free and promises to revolutionize email communication.

It seeks to bring all necessary productivity features into a single, easy-to-use platform, thereby eliminating the need for different tools for various email tasks.

Overall, GhostAI is a useful tool for individuals or organizations looking to improve their email productivity and security.

Ghost AI was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 31st 2023.
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User Profile PictureJohn Ets
ยท Jun 11, 2023
It saves lot of time at work!

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Pros and Cons


Automated email productivity
First-ever GPT, productivity email all-in-one
Mass send feature
Split screens capability
Includes keyboard shortcuts
Prioritizes data security
Minimal data access
Doesn't share or sell data
Industry-standard encryption
Free to download
Single platform for email tasks
Suitable for individuals and organizations


Only for Gmail
No mobile app
No multi-account management
No Outlook integration
Lacks advanced filtering options
No task management
No calendar integration
Unavailable for Linux
No offline work mode


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Is GhostAI compliant with privacy standards?
Does GhostAI share or sell user data?
How does GhostAI use the 'Gmailmodify' scope?
Where can I download GhostAI?
Is GhostAI free to use?
Why is GhostAI described as a new email experience?
How does GhostAI aid in reply and follow-up to emails?
Can GhostAI be used for mass email sending?
Does GhostAI provide a split screen feature?
How can GhostAI benefit organizations?
What is GhostAI's stance on privacy and data encryption?

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