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πŸ‘» – Where Innovation Meets Sustainability in Content Creation!

Struggling to overcome that writers block? Concerned about the time you're spending online whilst searching for the right words? 🌍 is your go-to AI-powered platform that not only streamlines your content creation process but also nudges you toward greener behaviours and choices that impact your digital carbon footprint.

Say goodbye to content chaos and hello to a smarter, sustainable future. 🌱

Try today and be a part of the change you wish to see in the digital world!
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Sep 20, 2023
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I went self employed in February of this year and started to build a following on Social Media. Posting a variety of content each day, trying to see what would land took me away from what I needed to do as a Startup, so within a couple of days I whipped up an MVP of GhostPosts - An environmentally aware, artificial intelligence for content creators to augment their writing abilities. GhostPosts gave me back countless hours, but I delayed in it's launch whilst paralysed by analysis on what the impacts of releasing such a tool might be and trying to overcome my own fears when building a startup. With the refinements we've been able to add as just a small team of two and the fears I've managed to overcome as an individual, I'm now excited to see how much time others can claim back from their content creation! - Liam |

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Pros and Cons


Saves time and money
Generates post in minutes
Inclusive content generation
Reduces carbon footprint
Offsets carbon output
Target audience specificity
Style and tone control
Wide range of applications
Easy to use interface
Waiting list for early access
Online social presence
Engaging user dashboard
CO2 Calculator
Ideal for professional presence
Customisable content
Beta version access
Future feature anticipation
Profitable for businesses
Consistent brand voice
Great for marketers
Supports content diversity
Company's ethic alignment
Green content creation
Potential days saving


In beta stage
No API mentioned
Carbon calculator not ready
Limited audience targeting
No offline mode
Unclear pricing
Constrained writing styles


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