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AI for business prediction decisions
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GiniMachine is an AI Automated Decision Making Platform offering dedicated decision-making software primarily for financial-based business predictions, which includes banks, lenders, telecom companies, and auto dealers.

The tool offers a range of solutions such as Credit Risk Management, Credit Scoring, Collection Scoring, Application Scoring, and Predictive Analytics.

These solutions are aimed at enhancing decision-making processes, and reducing risks through AI-powered underwriting and credit scoring. It also helps in prioritising debtors and suggesting the most efficient collection tools.

GiniMachine is built to process large volumes of historical data for generating, validating, and deploying predictive models with high speed.GiniMachine also provides data provision and data preparation services, offering AI assistance in analysing and utilising data more effectively for strategic operational decisions.Moreover, alternative lenders can use GiniMachine for scoring credit applications and loans using various alternative data sources, enhancing credit portfolio risk management.

The tool facilitates automated pre-approval systems for incoming applications, saving on manual work and hastening loan approval processes. For the implementation, GiniMachine requires as little as 1000 raw records of past business decisions and their outcomes to build a predictive model.

The model then validates itself for its accuracy and suitability for business forecasting.

Ginimachine was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 9th 2023.
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Pros and Cons


No-code platform
Reduction in risks up to 45%
Improved credit portfolio
Automated retention of customers
Can process partially missing datasets
Processes voluminous historical data
Rapid model validation and deployment
Solutions for credit scoring
Advanced analytics for debt prioritisation
Viable for multiple industries
Bespoke lending solutions for banks and fintech
Efficient risk management models
One-click model building
Users can control scoring models
Mitigation of risk, effort and time
Operates using a minimal data threshold
Automated processing of loan applications
Proposes efficient collection tools
Automated pre-approval systems for applications
Employs alternative data sources for scoring
Assistance in data preparation and provision
Boosts productivity
Self assessment of accuracy
Operates on raw historical records
Advanced features for various industries
Minimizes manual labor
Efficient for both large and small businesses


No-code limits customization
Requires large historical data
Predominantly financial focus
Needs minimum 1000 records
No mention of interoperability
Limited industries served
Lacks detailed algorithm transparency
Limited use-case scenarios
No integrated data collection


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