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Improves team knowledge sharing with fast Q&A solution.
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GitBook AI is a set of tools designed to enhance and simplify knowledge sharing by using Artificial Intelligence (AI). The GitBook company offers a modern documentation platform that allows technical teams to document their products, from start to ship, making it easy to research, plan, and document.

GitBook AI provides a Lens tool that uses AI to scan documentation and produce summaries in seconds. With Lens, users can input questions and receive semantic answers with clickable references to the documentation for deeper dives.

Lens is trained on the team's knowledge, making it a helpful onboarding tool, summarizing meeting notes, and more. GitBook Lens is available for both public documentation and internal knowledge base use and is currently in the alpha stage.

GitBook provides an API that users can embed to their product for AI search requests, making knowledge more accessible than ever. The GitBook AI product offering also includes public docs, solutions, resources, integrations, security, and compliance, among others.

GitBook Lens is free while it remains in alpha, but GitBook plans to make it part of the Pro and Enterprise plans when it moves to beta. GitBook follows OpenAI for data handling and processing.


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Pros and Cons


Fast Q&A solution
Documentation scanning
Produces summaries
Semantic answers to queries
Clickable references in answers
Learning from team's knowledge
Effective onboarding tool
Public and internal use
Embeddable API
Knowledge accessibility enhancement
Offers public docs, solutions, resources, integrations
Content indexing
Responsive and clear answers
Ignores external content
Dedicated API endpoint
Alpha stage free usage
Planning for Pro and Enterprise plans integration


Lens still in alpha stage
Pricing details unclear
Potential additional charges for Lens
Lens summaries might not be exhaustive
Lens usage impacts GitBook costs
No mention of internationalization support
Specifically tuned to teams' knowledge
Could require extensive setup time
Limited to documented knowledge


What is GitBook?
What is the main purpose of GitBook Lens?
Can I use GitBook Lens for both public documentation and internal knowledge base?
What is the benefit of using GitBook Lens for onboarding?
How does GitBook Lens use AI to enhance knowledge sharing?
What does it mean that GitBook Lens is currently in alpha?
How can I embed the GitBook API into my product?
What are the key features of the Pro and Enterprise plans of GitBook?
How does GitBook handle and process data?
What is the cost of using GitBook Lens?
Does GitBook Lens provide semantic answers to queries?
How does Lite version of GitBook differ from Pro and Enterprise versions?
How does GitBook ensure security and compliance?
What kind of resources can I find on GitBook?
What kind of documentation does GitBook support?
How does GitBook Lens scan and summarize documentation?
How is GitBook Lens trained on the team's knowledge?
What are the key integrations available with GitBook?
In what ways can GitBook AI supercharge content?
Is there a free version of GitBook available for initial users?

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