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Real-time SQL data analysis with custom terms.
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GlazeGPT is an AI SQL data analyst tool specifically designed for enterprise analytics. It utilizes fine-tuned LLMs (Large Language Models) to understand database schema and align with the business logic.

The tool aims to eliminate the need for writing SQL queries, offering a 100% private Text-to-SQL data intern for business leaders to gain real-time insights.One of the key features of GlazeGPT is its ability to enable non-technical business managers to directly query databases without any intervention from engineers or analysts.

The tool achieves a high level of accuracy (99%+) through the use of fine-tuned LLMs and machine learning, minimizing hallucinations.GlazeGPT's native LLM catalog layer allows businesses to train the tool to understand company-specific terms, maintaining a single source of truth for everyone in the team.

It also offers an industry-first AI catalog that automatically understands table relationships, primary and secondary key relationships, and unique enum values.The tool ensures data privacy by providing a fully compliant integration through a Docker image on the user's private cloud environment.

It supports integration with more than 30 data sources, including popular databases and data warehouses.GlazeGPT also features automated alert setup, which helps monitor critical Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) in real-time and sends alerts to team members via platforms like Slack, Google Chat, or Google Sheets.Overall, GlazeGPT is positioned as an industry-standard AI tool for enterprise analytics, offering high accuracy, privacy, and automation capabilities to help businesses gain valuable insights from their data.


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