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Boost customer attention 10-fold with ultra-realistic video avatars.
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Glida is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered tool aimed to revolutionize customer experience through video engagement. It leverages AI avatars to transform text into interactive, ultra-realistic video experiences.

These avatars can be customized to match the face of your company or use your own. This feature aims to forge more personalized connections with customers at scale.The tool prioritizes ease of use, allowing users to add interactive video widgets to their platforms within seconds.

It provides the ability to customize and build the customer journey with potential to change the language and script as needed.Moreover, with the help of conversational AI that mimics human interaction, Glida engages and qualifies leads.

The AI assistant incorporated, is also designed to be self-improving thereby contributing to a higher conversion output by creating personalized experiences for customers to understand your solution more effectively.While the video format's engaging nature is employed by Glida to boost customer attention and web engagement, it's integrity lies in providing a more engaging and human-like customer journey to convert more people effectively.


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Glida was manually vetted by our editorial team and was first featured on May 17th 2024.
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Pros and Cons


Transforms text into video
Avatar customization
Face of company representation
Interactive video widgets
Easy to use
Customizable customer journey
Language alteration option
Script change option
Lead qualification
High conversion output
Creation of personalized experiences
Enhanced customer understanding
Engages customer attention
Boosts web engagement
Human-like customer journey
Personalized marketing
Automated customer service
Text-to-Video feature
10-fold engagement increase
Avatars sound natural
Express setup time
Highly engaging than text
Facilitates human connections at scale
Build easily with a click
Self-improving interaction
3x higher conversion
Easy solution explanations


Limited avatar customization
No API integration
Limited language support
No non-video content support
Reliance on pre-scripted dialogue
Potential uncanny valley effect
Not proven effective universally
No multichannel support
Limited user interface styles
Dependent on web widgets


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How do Glida's ultra-realistic video avatars work?
Can Glida's AI avatars use the face of my company or my own?
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Why is Glida successful at making the customer journey more engaging and human-like?
How does Glida redefine the customer experience with AI videos?

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